How to Automix on Virtual DJ

So, we've all been there, trying to impress our friends with our DJ skills but ending up in a tangled mess of tracks. Well, fear not, because we've got the lowdown on how to automix on Virtual DJ.

It's a breeze once you get the hang of it. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be seamlessly blending tracks like a pro in no time.

Let's dive in and demystify the world of automixing on Virtual DJ.

Key Takeaways

  • Open Virtual DJ and add songs or playlists to the automix pane by dragging them from the library
  • Access automix settings and choose desired automix function
  • Make individual adjustments to fades if needed
  • Save the playlist for future use

Setting Up Virtual DJ Software

We open Virtual DJ to start setting up the software. Once the program is open, we add our chosen songs or playlists to the automix pane by simply dragging them from the library to the automix pane in the 'Sidelist' pane.

This allows for seamless mixing of songs during our performance as a professional DJ. After adding the songs, we access the automix settings and choose the desired automix function by selecting 'Automix Options' from the drop-down menu. We can opt for features like 'Smart' or 'Fade' to enhance the mixing experience.

Additionally, if individual adjustments to fades are needed, we can make those changes as well. Once everything is set up to our liking, we save the playlist for future use.

The Automix feature in Virtual DJ provides various options for mixing songs and allows us to create professional playlists with ease. With the software properly set up, we're ready to delve into the world of seamless and professional music mixing.

Adding Songs to the Automix Pane

How can songs be added to the Automix pane on Virtual DJ?

To add songs to the Automix pane, first, locate the songs in the library on the left side of the screen. Then, click on the 'Automix' tab in the 'Sidelist' pane to access the Automix pane. From the library, simply drag and drop the desired songs into the Automix pane.

Once the songs are in the Automix pane, adjustments can be made as needed. It's also possible to access the Automix settings by clicking on the circle icon within the Automix pane. This allows for individual adjustments to be made to the fades and other settings, ensuring a seamless and professional mix.

Choosing Automix Functions

To set up the automix functions in Virtual DJ, access the options menu and select the desired automix features for seamless song transitions. Virtual DJ offers a variety of automix functions that can be chosen to create a professional and seamless playlist. When choosing automix functions, it's essential to consider the specific needs and preferences for mixing tracks.

Here are some great tools for choosing automix functions in Virtual DJ:

  1. Smart Feature: The Smart feature is a great tool for determining the optimal mix point, ensuring smooth transitions between songs.
  2. Fade Options: Virtual DJ provides various fade options for adjusting and manipulating song transitions during automix, allowing for customized and precise control over the mix.
  3. Flexibility: Accessing automix settings in Virtual DJ allows for individual adjustments to fades if needed, providing flexibility in playlist creation and ensuring that the mix tracks seamlessly.

Making Individual Adjustments

After accessing the automix settings in Virtual DJ, we can make individual adjustments to fades for seamless song transitions. This feature is especially useful when we want to fine-tune the transition between two specific songs, ensuring that the mix is precisely how we envision it.

By adjusting the fade settings, we've the flexibility to control the duration and intensity of the transitions, allowing for a more customized and polished mix. Getting creative with these individual adjustments can elevate our DJ performance, as we can experiment with different fade settings to create unique and dynamic transitions that captivate our audience.

Whether we want a smooth and subtle blend or a more abrupt and energetic switch between tracks, making individual adjustments to fades empowers us to tailor the automix to suit the mood and atmosphere of our event.

These adjustments enable us to maintain a consistent flow of music without any jarring interruptions, ultimately enhancing the overall listening experience for our audience.

Saving the Automix Playlist

We can easily save the customized automix playlist in Virtual DJ by selecting the option to save the playlist after making all the necessary adjustments. Once the playlist has been tailored to our preferences, saving it ensures that our carefully chosen transitions and next song selections are readily available for future use.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Playlist: Click on the 'Automix' tab to access the playlist that has been customized with individual adjustments.
  2. Click on 'Save Playlist': In the Automix section, locate the option to save the playlist. Click on it to initiate the saving process.
  3. Name the Playlist: After clicking on 'Save Playlist,' a prompt will appear asking for a name for the playlist. Enter a suitable name and save it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Auto Mix on Virtualdj?

We auto mix on Virtual DJ by accessing the automix settings and choosing the best transition techniques for seamless song transitions. We make individual adjustments to fades if needed and save the playlist for future use.

What Is the Key for Automix in Virtualdj?

The key for Automix in VirtualDJ is the 'Automix Options' feature. It includes settings like 'Smart' and 'Fade' for seamless transitions. Selecting 'Smart' determines optimal mix points, while 'Fade' allows smooth transitions. These are key features for Automix in VirtualDJ.

How Do You Use Automix?

We love using the auto mix features in Virtual DJ for seamless transitions and playlist flexibility. Virtual DJ automation allows us to create professional playlists and accommodate audience requests with ease.

How Do I Autoplay a Song in Virtualdj?

We can set up the Automix settings to autoplay a song in VirtualDJ. Simply select the song transition techniques from the options like 'Smart' or 'Fade' in the Automix pane for seamless playback.


So there you have it, automixing on Virtual DJ is as easy as pie! Just remember to save your playlist at the end, because who knows what could happen if you don't.

But hey, where's the fun in a perfectly planned playlist anyway? With Virtual DJ, you can let the music surprise you and your audience.

Happy mixing!