How to DJ on Zoom

So, you think DJing on Zoom is impossible? Think again! We've got the ultimate guide to rock your virtual party.

From setting up your DJ software to engaging with your audience, we've got you covered.

Let's dive into the world of virtual DJing and take your Zoom party to the next level.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect a MIDI controller and set it as the microphone in Zoom's audio settings
  • Use a second device to monitor the live stream and ensure audio quality
  • Set up a virtual audio device using Loopback software and adjust volume sliders for background music
  • Engage the virtual audience through social media, song requests, and interactive features like polls and sharing favorite tunes

Zoom DJing: Getting Started

We connect a MIDI controller, such as the Pioneer DDJ SR2, to our USB port before activating Zoom to begin DJing on the platform.

Once Zoom is up and running, we ensure that our DJ software is fully loaded and set the output settings in Zoom to utilize our MIDI controller as the microphone.

It's crucial to enable the option for original sound in Zoom's audio advanced settings to optimize our virtual DJing experience.

Additionally, we use a second device to monitor the live stream, allowing us to hear exactly what our audience is hearing.

Getting started with DJing on Zoom opens up a world of possibilities for hosting virtual parties and sharing our music with others.

It's essential to experiment with friends and teammates to explore new ways of using Zoom for live DJ performances.

By following these steps and setting up our equipment properly, we can ensure that our Zoom parties are filled with high-quality, original music and an electrifying atmosphere.

Essential DJ Equipment for Zoom

To DJ on Zoom, the essential DJ equipment includes:

  • MIDI controller
  • Audio interface
  • Quality webcam
  • Microphone
  • Headphones

Before starting the Zoom DJ party, it's crucial to:

  • Set up DJ software, like Serato DJ Pro
  • Connect DJ software to a MIDI controller, such as the Pioneer DDJ SR2, for seamless control

An audio interface is necessary to:

  • Transmit audio from the DJ hardware to the streaming computer
  • Ensure the installation of required drivers and firmware

For a visually appealing live stream, consider:

  • Using a high-quality webcam, like the Sony ZV-1
  • Connecting the webcam to the streaming computer via USB

Additionally, attaching a microphone to the DJ controller ensures:

  • Clear communication during the Zoom call

Using headphones or AirPods with a second device allows for:

  • Monitoring the sound quality
  • Minimizing background noise before starting the virtual DJ set

These essential pieces of equipment, along with proper setup and testing, are vital for a successful and enjoyable experience when streaming DJ sets on Zoom.

Setting Up Your Zoom DJ Party

Once equipped with the essential DJ equipment for Zoom, it's essential to set up the virtual audio device and fine-tune the audio settings for an optimal DJ party experience.

  • Set Up the Virtual Audio Device:
  • Use Loopback software to create a virtual audio device.
  • Adjust volume sliders for background music during Zoom calls.
  • Fine-Tune the Audio Settings:
  • Use SoundSource to balance app audio with the Loopback mix.
  • Adjust volume levels for a comfortable listening experience.

Make sure to optimize Zoom settings by turning off automatic microphone volume adjustment, setting background noise suppression to low, and enabling 'Original Sound' and 'High-fidelity music mode' for better audio quality. Additionally, connect a MIDI controller, activate DJ software, set the output settings in Zoom to use the MIDI controller as the microphone, and enable the option to turn on original sound in Zoom's audio advanced settings.

Engaging Your Virtual Audience

After setting up the virtual audio device and fine-tuning the audio settings, it's crucial to engage our virtual audience during the Zoom DJ party for an immersive experience. Engaging our audience on Zoom without the physical presence can be challenging, but there are effective ways to create an interactive and enjoyable experience.

One essential aspect is to encourage participation through social media platforms or the Zoom chat feature. By prompting attendees to request songs or interact with polls, we can create a sense of involvement and connection.

Even though we've optimized our audio settings, it's important to remind participants to turn on 'Original Sound' and set their microphone to capture high-quality audio. This ensures that everyone can hear the music clearly, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Additionally, interacting with the audience between tracks can maintain their interest and keep the energy high. Sharing anecdotes, shoutouts, or even discussing the history of the tracks being played can add a personal touch to the event.

Furthermore, consider utilizing the streaming music feature within Zoom to allow participants to share their favorite tunes, creating a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. By implementing these strategies, we can elevate our Zoom DJ parties and create an engaging and memorable experience for our virtual audience.

Tips for a Successful Zoom DJ Performance

As DJs on Zoom, we aim to maintain a high level of engagement and energy throughout our performance, ensuring that our audience feels connected and involved in the experience. Here are some tips for a successful Zoom DJ performance:

  • Optimize Your Setup
  • Set up a Zoom account with the necessary permissions for streaming high-quality stereo audio.
  • Utilize external cameras and DJ gear for an enhanced visual and audio experience.
  • Fine-tune Your Audio
  • Enable echo cancellation and adjust audio levels in Zoom preferences to ensure great audio quality.
  • Test your setup beforehand to ensure that your audio is clear and free from distortions.

By optimizing your setup and fine-tuning your audio, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for your audience. Once everything is set up, it's time to go live and share your music with the world. Don't forget to pay attention to the microphone section in Zoom settings to ensure your voice comes through crisp and clear.

With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to deliver an exceptional DJ performance on Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You DJ Virtually?

Yes, we can DJ virtually. We use online mixing, digital turntables, and create a virtual setlist for remote parties and virtual events. Internet DJing allows us to provide online music and virtual mixing experiences.

How to Do a Zoom Party With Music?

We create an electric virtual dancefloor with a collaborative playlist and interactive music games. Our Zoom party etiquette and DJ tips keep the energy high, and themed events and online dance competitions add fun to the mix.

How Do You Mix Music and Voice on Zoom?

When mixing music and voice on Zoom, we prioritize seamless audio integration. Virtual turntables, digital DJing, and online mixing allow for dynamic music blending. We optimize Zoom settings for virtual performances, remote DJ sets, and virtual partying.


So, next time you want to rock the virtual dance floor, remember to set up your DJ equipment.

Engage with your audience and have fun with your Zoom DJ set.

With the right equipment and some creative interaction, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

So, get ready to mix, mash, and groove your way through your next Zoom DJ party!