Types of DJs

We know, when it comes to DJs, it's easy to think of just the ones who play in clubs. But there's actually a whole range of types of DJs out there.

From club DJs who keep the party going, to mobile DJs who handle events like weddings, and even radio DJs who bring the tunes through the airwaves.

Then there are genre-specific DJs who specialize in specific music styles, and the non-professionals, like bedroom DJs, who do it just for the love of the mix.

There's a DJ for every vibe and occasion.

Key Takeaways

  • Club DJs perform in commercial venues like bars, nightclubs, and festivals and adjust their sets to the type of venue and local scene.
  • Turntablist/Scratch DJs excel in live remixing and sound manipulation using turntables, showcasing mastery of vinyl records and integrating digital files into their performances.
  • Mobile DJs perform at various events like private parties, weddings, and school dances, tailoring music to client's specifications and adapting to different venues.
  • Radio DJs work in radio stations as hosts, mixers, or part of the programming staff, engaging with a wide audience, staying updated with the latest music trends, and providing insightful commentary to keep the audience entertained and connected.

Club DJs

Club DJs perform in various commercial venues, such as bars, nightclubs, and festivals, utilizing industry-standard club gear to deliver continuous mix or DJ sets within electronic genres. They're versatile artists who excel in reading the crowd and adjusting their sets to the type of venue and local scene.

Many Club DJs are also music producers, creating original tracks and remixes within the electronic dance music genre. Securing a residency as a Club DJ in popular music venues is often a goal, as it allows them to develop a unique style and become a prominent figure within the local club scene.

Their proficiency with DJ equipment such as Pioneer CDJs enables them to deliver captivating live sets, incorporating creative mixing and scratching skills to maintain the energetic atmosphere of the dance floor. Club DJs often specialize in specific electronic genres such as house music, techno, and house, showcasing their expertise and versatility within the electronic music landscape.

As both performers and influencers, Club DJs play a pivotal role in shaping the contemporary music and nightlife culture.

Turntablist/Scratch DJ

One of our favorite facets of the DJ world is the skillful artistry of turntablist/scratch DJs, who excel in live remixing and sound manipulation using turntables and specialized equipment. These DJs have honed their skills to perfection, mastering the delicate techniques of scratching and beat juggling. Their performances are a testament to the roots of hip hop DJs like Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, and DJ Qbert, who pioneered turntablism as a distinct art form.

Here's what makes turntablist/scratch DJs stand out:

  • Innovative Techniques: Turntablists employ a variety of innovative techniques, such as beat juggling and needle drops, to create seamless transitions and complex rhythms.
  • Mastery of Turntables: These DJs showcase their mastery of turntables, manipulating vinyl records with precision and finesse to create new and unique sounds.
  • Digital Evolution: With the advent of technology like Serato and Traktor, turntablist/scratch DJs have seamlessly integrated digital files into their performances, expanding the possibilities of turntablism as an evolving art form.

The dedication and skill required to excel in turntablism make these DJs true artists in the world of music and live performance.

Mobile DJ

As mobile DJs, we perform at a variety of events, utilizing our own equipment and tailoring our music to the client's specifications.

Mobile DJs play at private parties, weddings, school dances, and corporate events, offering a different experience compared to club or radio DJs.

We've the flexibility to use turntables, CD players, or laptops for mixing, allowing us to adapt to various venues and client preferences.

Unlike club DJs who cater to a specific club's atmosphere, we cater to a wide range of events and audiences, requiring us to be versatile in our music selection.

Our role often extends beyond just playing music; we also serve as MCs, engaging and reading the crowd to ensure a lively atmosphere.

Familiarity with popular songs is crucial, as we take requests and interact with the audience to create a memorable experience.

Mobile DJs bring the party to life, offering a personalized touch that sets us apart from other types of DJs.

Radio DJ

Radio DJs work in radio stations as hosts, mixers, or part of the programming staff. At radio stations, we have the opportunity to engage with a wide audience and be a part of the broadcasting industry. Some radio DJs also work in satellite radio, expanding their reach beyond traditional FM/AM stations. Our role is crucial in keeping the audience entertained, informed, and connected to the latest music trends.

  • Diverse Platforms: Radio DJs may host podcasts or work in satellite radio, expanding their reach beyond traditional FM/AM stations.
  • Competitive Industry: Radio DJ positions are highly competitive due to the limited number of radio stations, making it essential for professional DJs to stay updated with the latest music trends.
  • Adaptability: Many DJs successfully balance both club and radio DJing, showcasing their adaptability within the music industry.

As radio DJs, we continuously engage with broadcasting equipment, curate playlists, and deliver captivating content for a weekly radio audience. Additionally, with the rise of Internet radio, our role has evolved to cater to a broader, global audience. Our responsibility encompasses not only spinning tracks but also providing insightful commentary and keeping the audience hooked.

DJ/Music Producer

We are discussing the role of the DJ/Music Producer in the contemporary music industry.

DJ/Producers are a significant presence in the music industry, combining the skills of a DJ with music production. Many professional DJs start by learning how to DJ and then delve into music production to create their own tracks. They often work in a recording studio, using various sounds and instruments to compose original music.

DJ/Producers also have the ability to remix tracks from other artists, adding their own unique spin to the music. They've the option to play their original songs during their sets, giving them a distinct edge in the industry. Software such as Ableton, Traktor, and Serato has revolutionized DJ/Producers' performances, allowing them to seamlessly integrate their own music into their sets.

This type of DJ is a pioneer in the music industry, with a significant influence on genres such as House. DJ/Producers continue to be an integral part of the ever-evolving DJ culture, shaping the contemporary music landscape with their innovative productions and performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the 5 Types of Dj?

We'll cover five types of DJs: Club DJs, Mobile DJs, Turntablist DJs, Radio DJs, and DJ Producers. Each type brings a unique style and skill set to the industry, catering to different venues and audiences.

How Many Categories of DJs Are There?

We categorize DJs into five main types: Club DJs, Mobile DJs, Turntablist DJs, Radio DJs, and DJ/Producers. Each type offers unique opportunities for career growth and development, catering to various venues and events.

What Genres Can You Dj?

We can DJ a wide range of genres, including hip hop, electronic dance, reggae fusion, Latin pop, house music, rock alternative, country western, R&B soul, jazz funk, and indie folk. It's exciting to mix different styles!

What Are Bedroom Djs?

We're bedroom DJs, using basic DJ equipment and music software to experiment with mixing techniques and create playlists. We engage with DJ communities, build an online presence, and network for live performances, branding, and music selection.


So, after learning about the different types of DJs, it's clear that we all have our own unique talents and specialties. Whether we're reading the crowd in a club, scratching up a storm, or creating the perfect playlist for a wedding, we all bring something special to the table.

And let's not forget our non-professional bedroom DJs, because who doesn't love a good mixtape?

In the end, it's all about the music and the joy it brings to everyone. Keep spinning, folks!