Where to Share Your DJ Mixes

When it comes to sharing our DJ mixes, we have plenty of online platforms to choose from. Whether it's Mixcloud, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, or online streaming platforms, there are various options available.

Each platform offers unique features and caters to different audiences, allowing us to showcase our mixes in diverse ways. Finding the best platform depends on our specific needs and preferences, be it artwork, track lists, or reaching a particular audience.

From online cloud services like Dropbox to physical USB drives, the possibilities for sharing our mixes are vast. Let's explore the multitude of options available and find the perfect platform to share our DJ talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Mixcloud and SoundCloud are popular platforms for DJs to upload and share their DJ sets online.
  • YouTube offers a massive platform with detailed analytics, but copyright infringement can be a challenge.
  • Twitch is an interactive livestreaming platform with fewer copyright issues and monetization options.
  • Online streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis, House-Mixes.com, and Mix.dj offer specific features and opportunities for DJs and music producers.


We share our DJ mixes on Mixcloud. It's the perfect platform for DJs to upload their DJ sets online and share them with a global community. Mixcloud provides a fantastic space for us to showcase our DJ mixes, allowing us to reach a diverse audience and connect with music enthusiasts worldwide. The platform not only enables us to share our mixes but also encourages music discovery, as listeners can explore and discover new music through our curated DJ sets.

One of the great things about Mixcloud is its focus on ethical licensing, ensuring that artists and labels are fairly compensated for the music featured in our DJ mixes. This aligns with our values as creators, knowing that our work supports the music industry in a sustainable way. Additionally, Mixcloud's diverse range of genres and content types creates a vibrant environment for us to share our mixes and engage with a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for music.


When considering platforms to share our DJ mixes, SoundCloud stands out as a popular choice due to its wide range of genres and social features, allowing us to connect with a diverse audience and showcase our skills effectively.

SoundCloud is a streaming service that allows users to upload and share their mixes, making it a versatile platform for sharing audio content. With its emphasis on individual tracks, SoundCloud may not be the primary choice for DJs, but it still offers a valuable space for sharing mixes and connecting with music enthusiasts.

Its social tools enhance the sharing experience, making it easier to engage with listeners and build a community around our mixes. The platform's popularity among independent artists and emerging talent also provides an opportunity for DJs to reach a wider audience and potentially gain new fans.


As DJs, we've found that YouTube offers a massive platform for sharing our mixes, allowing us to reach a diverse audience and track the performance of our content through detailed analytics. YouTube's extensive reach of over 2 billion monthly active users provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our DJ mixes and connect with music enthusiasts worldwide. The platform's analytics offer valuable insights into the reception of our mixes, including views, likes, and comments, enabling us to gauge audience engagement and tailor our content accordingly.

However, sharing DJ mixes on YouTube comes with challenges, particularly related to copyright infringement. The platform employs automated content ID systems that can detect copyrighted music, potentially leading to muting or removal of tracks within our mixes. To mitigate this risk, DJs often seek permission or licenses for the music they use, or they opt for platforms like SoundCloud that offer more flexibility in this regard.

Despite these challenges, YouTube remains a powerful tool for expanding our fan base, as it allows us to connect with users who share similar musical interests. By leveraging social media and other promotional efforts, we can maximize exposure for our mixes and engage with a broader audience.


Sharing DJ mixes on Twitch involves engaging with viewers in real time, showcasing our skills, and building a loyal community around our music.

Twitch provides an interactive platform for music producers and DJs to livestream their mixes and connect with a wider audience. Unlike some other platforms, Twitch allows DJs to stream their mixes without facing as many copyright issues, making it a popular choice for sharing DJ mixes.

Additionally, Twitch offers various interactive features such as chat functionality, allowing DJs to engage with their audience while performing live mixes. Music producers can take advantage of this dynamic platform to gain exposure, connect with fans, and potentially monetize their live performances through subscriptions and donations.

Furthermore, Twitch is free for both DJs and viewers, making it an accessible option for mix hosting. By utilizing Twitch, DJs can create an immersive and engaging experience for their audience, ultimately building a dedicated fan base and community around their music.

Online Streaming Platforms

Moving from Twitch, we've found multiple online streaming platforms that provide diverse opportunities for sharing our DJ mixes and connecting with a broader audience.

Soundcloud and Mixcloud are great options for independent artists due to their ethical licensing models.

YouTube offers extensive reach and detailed analytics, but it comes with copyright challenges.

Hearthis focuses on high-quality audio and unlimited upload capacity, making it ideal for DJs and music producers.

Additionally, platforms like House-Mixes.com and Mix.dj offer specific tools and promotional opportunities for creators.

When choosing an online streaming platform, we prioritize ease of use and the availability of an audio editor to enhance our mixes.

As we aim to grow our fan base and advance our DJ career, it's crucial to consider the platform's policies on copyrighted material to avoid potential issues.

Ultimately, connecting with music lovers and building a strong presence in the DJ community is our primary goal when selecting an online streaming platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Share DJ Mixes?

We can share DJ mixes on various online platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, and social media. Utilizing these platforms and engaging with followers helps in promoting our mixes effectively and reaching a wider audience.

How Do I Promote My DJ Mix?

We promote DJ mixes using social media for online communities and engagement. We boost exposure on SoundCloud, reach an audience on Mixcloud, increase visibility on YouTube, and network through podcasts. It's all about strategic promotion!

What Is the Best Platform to Upload DJ Mixes 2023?

We believe SoundCloud and Mixcloud are great for DJ mixes. YouTube and Twitch offer wide reach, but copyright issues may arise. Bandcamp and Audiomack are good for sharing. Podcasts and livestreams are ideal. Clubhouse, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook also work well.

Can I Upload My DJ Mix to Spotify?

Sure, we can't upload DJ mixes directly to Spotify due to copyright implications. However, we can increase listener engagement by creating playlists featuring individual tracks from our mixes, collaborating with artists, and ensuring accurate metadata for sound quality.


In conclusion, sharing our DJ mixes is like casting a net into a vast ocean of music lovers.

With platforms like Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and YouTube, we can reel in a diverse audience and connect with fans all over the world.

It's like turning up the volume on our creativity and letting it echo through the digital waves, reaching new shores and leaving a lasting impact.

The possibilities are endless, and the music is our compass.