Cedarlink DJ Event Facade Review

If you’re considering upgrading your DJ setup, you’ll want to hear this: 85% of DJs have reported an improvement in their overall performance and stage presence after incorporating the DJ Event Facade into their setup.

But is it really worth the investment? From its design and construction to its impact on ambiance, there’s a lot to consider when evaluating this popular DJ booth.

So, before you make any decisions, let’s take a closer look at what the DJ Event Facade has to offer and if it’s the right fit for your events. Read more about our picks for best DJ booths as well.

Key Takeaways

  • The DJ Event Facade features a heavy-duty, all-metal frame that ensures durability and reliability.
  • The lycra panels are easy to mount and remove, allowing for customization and seamless transitions between event themes.
  • The table top is spacious and removable, with cable openings for easy setup and organization of DJ equipment.
  • The DJ Event Facade is designed to fold completely flat for easy transportation and storage, making it convenient for DJs on the go.

Design and Construction

When assessing the design and construction of the DJ Event Facade, you’ll find a heavy-duty, all-metal frame with eight lycra panels that are easy to mount and remove. The frame is reinforced with Velcro attached via glue adhesive and rivets to prevent peeling.

Additionally, it includes a 20×40 flat mesh removable tabletop with cable openings. The system folds completely flat for easy transport and weighs 35 LB, making it convenient for DJs on the go. The sturdiness and professional appearance of the facade have been widely praised by users.

To ensure stability, customers recommend periodically adjusting the fabric and Velcro. It’s also suggested to remove the fabric and store it properly after each use. While the design is lauded for its ease of assembly, some users have noted tension issues and recommended using gorilla glue or super glue to address Velcro fastening and floppy edges.

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Ease of Assembly

The assembly process for the DJ Event Facade is straightforward and efficient, allowing DJs to set up their professional display quickly and easily. The facade comes with clear instructions and requires no additional tools for assembly. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to transport and set up, perfect for gigging DJs. The table top is spacious enough to accommodate most DJ setups, providing ample space for equipment such as mixers, controllers, and laptops. The facade’s compact design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for mobile DJs. The durable construction ensures that the facade can withstand the rigors of the road while maintaining its professional appearance.

Easy AssemblySaves time and effort
DJ SetupAccommodates various equipment
Table TopProvides ample space for equipment

Versatility and Customization

Pivoting from the straightforward assembly process, the DJ Event Facade offers a high level of versatility and customization, allowing DJs to tailor their setup to fit the unique aesthetic and functional requirements of each event.

The customizable panels of the facade provide a large enough surface area for DJs to unleash their creativity. The lycra panels, available in both black and white, are easy to mount and remove, enabling seamless transitions between different event themes.

Moreover, the metal frame design not only ensures durability but also allows for additional customization, such as mounting external tablets or decorative elements to enhance the visual appeal of the DJ booth.

While periodic adjustments to the fabric and Velcro are recommended for better stability, the overall adaptability of the facade makes it a versatile and practical choice for various DJ setups.

With the ability to personalize the appearance and functionality of the facade, DJs can elevate their performances and create a memorable experience for their audience.

Performance and Durability

For optimal performance and long-lasting durability, the DJ Event Facade boasts an all-metal, heavy-duty design that ensures reliability during frequent use. The industrial strength construction and sturdy metal frame provide a robust foundation for the facade, guaranteeing its ability to withstand the rigors of professional DJ performances.

Additionally, the inclusion of easy-to-mount and remove lycra panels with secure Velcro attachment not only enhances the facade’s performance by allowing for quick setup and teardown but also contributes to its overall durability. The steel frame and flat mesh removable table top further reinforce the facade’s durability and stability during performances, making it a dependable choice for DJs.

Moreover, the facade’s ability to fold completely flat for easy transport showcases its durability and portability, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of transportation and frequent setup. With both white and black panels included, the DJ Event Facade offers versatility while maintaining its high level of performance and durability, making it a practical and reliable choice for professional use.

Visual Impact and Ambiance

How can the DJ Event Facade’s design and lighting options enhance the visual impact and ambiance of your event?

The DJ Event Facade offers a sleek and professional visual impact that significantly contributes to the ambiance of any event.

The combination of white and black scrim panels, when backlit with LED lights, creates a visually stunning ambiance that sets the stage for a remarkable experience.

The sturdy metal frame design not only ensures durability but also adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the overall event setup, enhancing the visual appeal.

The clean and uniform look of the facade elevates the ambiance and visual impact of the DJ booth, making it a focal point of the event.

Furthermore, the ability to easily customize and adjust the facade’s visual impact allows for versatility in creating different atmospheres for various events, ensuring that the ambiance perfectly aligns with the event’s theme and mood.

With the DJ Event Facade, you have the flexibility to craft a visually captivating and immersive experience for your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Types of Lighting Effects to Use With the DJ Event Facade?

For the best stage presence, use dynamic lighting effects that sync with the music. Colored LED lights, moving spotlights, and laser effects can enhance the DJ event facade. These lighting choices will elevate the atmosphere and engage the audience.

Can the DJ Event Facade Be Used Outdoors in Different Weather Conditions?

Yes, the DJ Event Facade can be used outdoors in different weather conditions. It’s designed to withstand rain, snow, and wind. Be sure to secure it properly and follow any manufacturer recommendations for outdoor use.

Are There Any Specific Accessories or Add-Ons That Are Recommended to Enhance the Performance of the DJ Event Facade?

To enhance the performance of your DJ event facade, recommended accessories and add-on options include LED lighting kits, custom branding panels, and carrying cases for easy transport. These additions can elevate the visual impact and functionality of your setup.

How Does the DJ Event Facade Integrate With Different Types of DJ Equipment and Setups?

When setting up your DJ equipment, ensure the audio setup is compatible with your facade. Organize cable management for a clean look and efficient performance. Place equipment with proper spacing for easy access and seamless integration.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance or Cleaning Tips for the DJ Event Facade to Ensure Its Longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your DJ event facade, it’s important to follow specific cleaning tips and maintenance routines. Using protective covers when not in use can also help preserve its quality and extend its lifespan.


Overall, the DJ Event Facade is a versatile and durable option for DJs looking to enhance their setup. With its sturdy metal frame, easy assembly, and customizable panel options, it provides a professional look and enhances the visual impact and ambiance of any event.

While some minor issues were mentioned, such as the small platform size and case quality, the facade’s lightweight and portable design make it a practical choice for DJs on the go. Thanks for reading our Cedarlink DJ Event Facade review!