Denon DJ Prime 4 Review

Are you in search of a professional-grade DJ controller that offers a comprehensive set of features and exceptional performance? The Denon Prime 4 might just be the answer you’re looking for.

But before you make any decisions, there are some crucial aspects to consider.

From its interface and connectivity options to its build quality and alternatives in the market, this review will provide you with a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed choice for your ideal DJ controller setup.

Key Takeaways

  • The Denon Prime 4 Plus offers a world-exclusive real-time stem audio splitting feature, allowing DJs to manipulate individual elements of a track in real-time.
  • It features a 10-inch high-resolution, multi-touch display for intuitive control and visual feedback.
  • With streaming capabilities and access to popular platforms like Beatport, TIDAL, and SoundCloud Go+, DJs have a wide range of music options at their fingertips.
  • The Denon Prime 4 Plus can be used as a standalone device, eliminating the need for a laptop and providing a versatile and portable DJ setup.

Key Features

The Denon Prime 4 boasts a world-exclusive real-time stem audio splitting feature, allowing for instant creation of instrumentals or acapellas in standalone mode. This groundbreaking capability sets the Prime 4 apart from other DJ controllers, making it a game-changer in the world of DJ gear. With the ability to isolate and manipulate individual elements of a track on the fly, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. This feature represents a significant leap forward in DJ technology, putting the power of real-time remixing and reimagining directly at your fingertips.

In addition to this revolutionary feature, the Prime 4 offers a 10-inch high resolution, multi-touch display that provides intuitive music organization and performance information. The streaming capabilities, including access to Beatport, Beatsource, TIDAL, SoundCloud Go+, and Amazon Music Unlimited, alongside local storage options, ensure that you have access to an extensive music library.

Furthermore, the standalone operation eliminates the need for a laptop in the DJ booth, providing unprecedented flexibility and freedom. With flexible connectivity options including four USB ports, an SD card slot, and a SATA bay for playing locally stored music, the Prime 4 is truly a versatile and innovative DJ controller.

Performance and Interface

With highly responsive, capacitative jog wheels and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the Denon Prime 4 offers precise control and easy navigation for seamless live performances. The performance and interface of the Denon Prime 4 stands out for several reasons.

  1. Extensive Performance Controls: The Prime 4 boasts a dedicated FX section above each deck, providing quick and easy access to effects for added creativity during performances. Additionally, the touch FX feature allows DJs to manipulate effects via an XY pad, offering a more hands-on and interactive approach to mixing and performing.
  2. Innovative Track Preview Function: The game-changing track preview function enables DJs to preview tracks without using any of the 4 channels, enhancing live mixing capabilities and streamlining the selection process during sets.
  3. Enhanced Mixer Section: The Prime 4 is equipped with Sweep FX and Pitch bend buttons, empowering DJs to add dynamic transitions and effects to their mixes. The control for DMX lighting and USB sockets further expands the creative possibilities, allowing seamless integration with lighting setups and versatile connectivity options for external devices.

The Denon Prime 4’s performance and interface features set a new standard for DJ equipment, providing innovative tools and controls for the modern performer.

Connectivity Options

Featuring a wide array of connectivity options, the Denon DJ Prime 4+ elevates your performance setup with its versatile and comprehensive connectivity capabilities.

The Prime 4+ is designed to seamlessly integrate with various hardware and software, making it a powerful tool for DJs seeking innovation. With four USB ports, an SD card slot, and a SATA bay, you can effortlessly access and play locally stored music.

Additionally, the unit offers streaming capabilities through Wi-Fi or ethernet, providing access to platforms like Beatport, Beatsource, TIDAL, SoundCloud Go+, and Amazon Music Unlimited. Its compatibility with leading DJ software such as Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing you to take advantage of hardware-specific courses, Serato Stems Mix Breakdown, and more.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a zone output enables you to send a playlist to another room, demonstrating its versatility for different event scenarios. For added innovation, the Prime 4+ supports Smart Lighting from Nanoleaf and integrates with DMX and Smart Lighting systems, enhancing the overall performance experience.

The Prime 4+ sets a new standard for standalone DJ systems and connectivity options, providing DJs with a comprehensive solution for their performance needs.

Build Quality

How does the build quality of the Denon DJ Prime 4 Plus distinguish itself from other standalone DJ systems on the market?

The Denon Prime 4 Plus sets itself apart with its exceptional build quality, utilizing metal components that ensure sturdiness and durability for professional use. Its matte finish and toned-down color scheme contribute to a premium aesthetic, making it stand out in the DJ industry.

The mixer section of the Prime 4 Plus isn’t only highly capable but also packed with features, providing a comfortable and efficient workflow for DJs. The 10-inch HD touchscreen is a standout feature, offering high-resolution visuals for performance information and library management.

Additionally, the 6-inch metal jogwheels provide a larger surface area, delivering a responsive and precise control experience for DJs. The attention to detail and sturdy construction of the Denon Prime 4 Plus make it an innovative and reliable choice for DJs seeking masterful audio and the power of precise control.


When considering alternatives to the Denon Prime 4 Plus, exploring the Pioneer XDJ-XZ provides a comprehensive standalone solution with a 4-channel mixer and distinct feature sets for professional DJ performance. The Pioneer XDJ-XZ integrates seamlessly with both rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro software, offering flexibility to DJs familiar with these platforms. It also boasts full-size jog wheels, making it an attractive option for those who prioritize tactile control. Additionally, the XDJ-XZ’s track preview functionality allows for quick and efficient song selection, enhancing the overall performance experience.

Another alternative to consider is the Roland DJ-707M, which offers a compact and portable design with a 4-channel mixer and extensive connectivity options for professional use. The DJ-707M’s ability to manage event sound and control the flow of music makes it a compelling choice for mobile DJs and event entertainers. Furthermore, its comprehensive input/output options and built-in hardware effects elevate its versatility in various performance settings.

These alternatives present innovative features and hardware, catering to the evolving needs of modern DJs. Whether it’s the seamless software integration of the Pioneer XDJ-XZ or the extensive connectivity options of the Roland DJ-707M, these alternatives offer compelling options for DJs seeking new and advanced standalone solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Denon DJ Prime 4 Good?

Yes, Denon DJ Prime 4 is good. It offers impressive sound quality, intuitive user interface, durable build, and excellent portability. With extensive connectivity options, powerful effects, responsive touchscreen, and seamless integration with music libraries, it outperforms competitors. Additionally, it provides great value compared to similar options and reliable customer support.

Is Denon DJ Prime 4 Discontinued?

The Denon DJ Prime 4 is not discontinued. It continues to offer cutting-edge features, regular updates, and excellent performance. With its standalone capability, extensive compatibility, and strong community support, it remains a top choice in the DJ market.

Is Denon or Pioneer Better?

When comparing Denon vs Pioneer DJ equipment, Denon offers superior sound quality, innovative performance features, and a competitive price. Its user interface and software compatibility are top-notch, and its build quality is highly rated in customer reviews, gaining market share.

Can You Stream Music on Denon PRIME 4?

Yes, you can easily stream music on Denon Prime 4. With its advanced streaming capabilities and internet connection, you can wirelessly access your music library and streaming services, ensuring high-quality audio and seamless online integration for an unmatched streaming performance.


The Denon Prime 4 is a top-of-the-line DJ controller with an impressive range of features and capabilities. Its large touchscreen, 4-channel mixer, and extensive connectivity options make it a versatile and powerful tool for DJs.

Our Denon DJ Prime 4 review found that the build quality is exceptional, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. With its compatibility with various DJ software and streaming platforms, the Prime 4 is a mature and exciting choice for any DJ looking for a seamless and professional experience.