Hercules Inpulse 500 Review

So, you might be thinking, ‘Another entry-level DJ controller review? What makes the Hercules Inpulse 500 stand out?’

Well, let’s dive into the details. From its intuitive layout to the software integration, this controller has been making waves in the DJing community.

But is it really worth your investment? Stick around to uncover the answer to this question and gain insight into the features that set the Hercules Inpulse 500 apart from its competitors.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Hercules Inpulse 500 offers a modern layout with large jogwheels and eight RGB pads, providing a user-friendly and intuitive experience for DJs.
  • It is compatible with both Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite, allowing DJs to access a comprehensive toolset and music streaming platforms like Tidal and SoundCloud.
  • The controller features a sturdy design with a metal mixer plate and well-spaced out controls, ensuring durability and ease of use.
  • With its dedicated Filter/FX panel, beat align, slip, and quantize features, the Hercules Inpulse 500 offers a wide range of effects options and seamless transitions for DJs. Additionally, it comes at a retail price of $299 / £259 / €279, providing exceptional value for its features and build quality.

Features and Performance

The Hercules Inpulse 500 is a versatile DJ controller that offers a range of features for both beginners and professionals. It features large 5.5-inch jogwheels and eight RGB pads, as well as a modern layout with identical decks, providing intuitive control for seamless mixing and performance.

One of the standout features of the Inpulse 500 is its compatibility with Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite. This opens up a wide range of possibilities, including Tidal and SoundCloud music streaming integration. This makes it a perfect choice for DJs who desire innovation and versatility in their performances.

For beginners, the inclusion of the Beatmatch Guide in the software is particularly beneficial. This feature provides a visual aid for beatmatching, ensuring a smooth transition between tracks.

In terms of build quality, the Hercules Inpulse 500 is impressive. It has a sturdy design with a metal mixer plate, providing durability for long-term use. Additionally, it offers generous mic and aux channels with EQ, allowing for customization of sound. The two sets of outputs for audio interface and speaker connections further enhance its performance capabilities.

The eight RGB pads on the Inpulse 500 are highly responsive, making it easy to trigger samples and loops during performances. This adds an extra layer of creativity and versatility to a DJ’s set.

User Experience

Making the leap from its impressive features and performance, the Hercules Inpulse 500 delivers an intuitive and engaging user experience that caters to both aspiring and experienced DJs.

  • The well-spaced out controls and LED indicators for activated buttons enhance the user’s interaction with the controller, providing a smooth and responsive feel during performances.
  • The mixer section’s layout, including a large library push encoder, two-channel mixer with three-band EQ, and selector buttons for four FX, offers a seamless and enjoyable mixing experience.
  • Compatibility with DJUCED software and Serato DJ Lite provides beginner DJs with access to essential features like beatmatch guide and key detection for harmonic mixing, making the learning process more interactive and educational.
  • The attractive design, generous mic and aux channels with EQ, and two sets of outputs for audio interface and speaker connections contribute to an overall user-friendly interface, catering to the needs of beginner and budget-conscious DJs.

The Hercules Inpulse 500’s user experience elevates the engagement and creativity for DJs, especially those seeking an entry-level controller with advanced features.

Serato Integration

Seamlessly integrating with Serato DJ Lite, the Inpulse 500 controller offers access to a wide range of music streaming platforms, enhancing the versatility of your DJing experience. With Serato Integration, you can efficiently access platforms like Tidal and SoundCloud, expanding your music library instantly.

The controller’s layout with identical decks provides a familiar and intuitive setup, ensuring a seamless transition for DJs. The integration also enables beginners to utilize the Beatmatch Guide feature, offering assistance with manual beatmixing and aiding in skill refinement.

Moreover, the option to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro unlocks advanced features such as key sync, a full effects engine, and enhanced pad functions like Tone Play, loop roll, and slicer. The inclusion of four RGB pads, Hot Cue, sync button, and loop controls, combined with the jog wheels and tempo fader, provides a comprehensive toolset for DJs to elevate their performances.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DJ, the Serato Integration of the Inpulse 500 offers a modern and efficient platform with a wide choice of effects, catering to diverse skill levels and preferences.

Effects and Price

Consider the impressive range of effects and the accessible price point of the Hercules Inpulse 500 controller, making it a compelling option for DJs at all skill levels.

The controller features a dedicated Filter/FX panel, offering a wide range of effects options, including the Platinum FX, providing a wide choice of effects, enhancing your creativity while mixing tracks.

The beat align, slip, and quantize features ensure seamless transitions and precise control over your mix, enabling you to deliver flawless performances effortlessly.

Additionally, the Inpulse 500 comes with DJUCED software for free, and it’s compatible with Serato DJ Lite, offering access to Tidal and SoundCloud for music streaming, catering to your diverse musical preferences.

Retailing at $299 / £259 / €279, this budget-friendly controller with a metal faceplate offers exceptional value, making it an attractive option for beginners looking to learn the art of DJing without breaking the bank.

With identical decks, each equipped with eight RGB pads, four pad function buttons, and tempo control, the Inpulse 500 provides a modern layout with dedicated buttons for enhanced control, solidifying its position as a top choice among Hercules controllers.

Build and Entry Level Status

For those venturing into the realm of DJing, the Hercules DJ Inpulse 500 stands as an exemplary choice, offering a solid build and an entry-level status tailored to nurture and develop burgeoning skills.

The controller is well built, providing a sturdy platform for beginner DJs to hone their craft. Its two-channel mixer allows for seamless transitions between tracks, while the auxiliary input enables the incorporation of external audio sources for added creativity.

The inclusion of a dedicated “Assistant” button sets it apart, providing access to the intelligent music assistant feature, which helps beginners in selecting the best songs to play. The integration with Serato DJ Lite further enhances its appeal, offering an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface.

Additionally, the Inpulse 500’s compatibility with DJUCED software provides an alternative for users to explore different platforms. With these features and an affordable price point, the Hercules DJ Inpulse 500 is a compelling choice for aspiring DJs looking to embark on their creative journey.

Sturdy BuildProvides durability for practice
Two-Channel MixerAllows seamless track transitions
Auxiliary InputEnables integration of external audio sources
“Assistant” ButtonAccess to intelligent music assistant feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hercules Inpulse 500 Worth It?

The Hercules Inpulse 500 offers great value for the price, delivering responsive performance, clear audio, and a wide range of beginner-friendly features. Its solid build, variety of connectivity options, and user-friendly design make it worth considering for aspiring DJs.

Is Hercules a Good Brand Dj?

Hercules is a good brand for DJs. Its brand reputation, build quality, and connectivity options are well-regarded. Customer reviews highlight its user-friendly interface and sound quality. The price comparison offers great value, and its durability factor and technical support are commendable.

What Software Does Hercules 500 Use?

The Hercules Inpulse 500 is compatible with various DJ software such as Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED. Its user interface is intuitive, with easy MIDI mapping and performance features. The workflow integration, sound quality, and customization options enhance your DJ experience. It supports multiple platforms and receives regular software updates.

Is the Hercules Inpulse 500 Compatible With Virtual Dj?

Yes, the Hercules Inpulse 500 is compatible with Virtual DJ. Its controller features allow seamless software integration, customizable MIDI mapping, and excellent performance capabilities. The sound quality, connectivity options, and user experience are top-notch, with firmware updates for added innovation.


Overall, our Hercules Inpulse 500 review showed us it is a solid choice for beginner DJs.

With its user-friendly features, seamless Serato integration, and affordable price point, it provides a great platform for learning the ropes of DJing.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end controllers, it offers a reliable and accessible option for those just starting out in the world of DJing.