Numark Mixstream Pro Plus Review

Looking for a reliable DJ controller that doesn’t break the bank? The Numark Mixstream Pro Plus may just be the answer.

Packed with a range of features and smart functionalities, this compact device offers a professional-grade experience without the hefty price tag.

From its built-in speakers to its seamless software integration, there’s a lot to unpack here. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s explore what makes this controller stand out from the crowd.

This is one of the top picks in our buyer’s guide of the best DJ controllers out right now.

Features and Functions

Featuring built-in speakers and a large touchscreen, the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus offers a comprehensive standalone platform for practice sessions and performances, enhancing your DJing experience with advanced mix techniques and seamless playback.

The Pro Plus is equipped with the Smart Scratch feature, allowing you to perform intricate scratch techniques with ease. Additionally, the performance pads provide tactile control over hot cues, loops, and samples, empowering you to craft dynamic and engaging mixes.

The controller’s compatibility with streaming services such as Amazon Music, TIDAL, and Beatport LINK expands your music sourcing options, ensuring a versatile and up-to-date library for any event.

Despite its professional-grade features, the Mixstream Pro Plus is priced affordably, making it an attractive choice for both entry-level and experienced DJs seeking premium functionality without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, its laptop compatibility enhances its versatility, seamlessly integrating into various DJ setups, from standalone performances to more complex configurations.

The Numark Mixstream Pro Plus sets a prime standard for standalone controllers, delivering an impressive array of features and functions suitable for the modern DJ.

Top Down View of Controller

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus showcases a compact and portable form factor with a durable plastic construction, making it suitable for on-the-go use.

The high-definition seven-inch touchscreen is ultra-responsive and displays all necessary information, enhancing the overall DJ experience.

The built-in speakers and large 6-inch touch-sensitive jog wheels add to the practicality and value of the controller, making it suitable for home practice and small gatherings.

With its iconic Numark styling and smart design, the Mixstream Pro Plus offers impressive build quality for its price point, providing a professional feel.

The controller also includes various connectivity options, such as built-in Wi-Fi for wireless music streaming, adding to its versatility and user convenience.

The Numark Mixstream Pro Plus stands out as a standalone DJ system with its comprehensive build quality and thoughtful design, catering to both on-the-go and home DJing needs.

Additionally, the inclusion of USB ports and the Engine software with a smart scratch feature further enhances the controller’s appeal for those seeking a versatile and reliable standalone controller.

Performance and Flexibility

With its high-definition touchscreen and built-in speakers, the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus offers a versatile platform for creative performances in various environments. The seven-inch touchscreen provides intuitive control and navigation, enhancing your ability to mix and manipulate music during performances.

The built-in speakers not only allow for convenient practice sessions but also make the system suitable for smaller gatherings or events where a separate speaker setup may not be practical. The inclusion of four performance pads under each jog wheel and a central mixer section with effects paddles adds depth to your performances, enabling enhanced creativity and precise control over your music.

Compatibility with Serato and VDJ software, as well as the ability to stream music from various services, further expands the system’s flexibility, allowing you to access and integrate a wide range of music sources into your sets.

Additionally, the Smart Scratch feature facilitates seamless scratches and advanced mix techniques, offering a high level of flexibility in your performances. The Mixstream Pro Plus caters to the needs of DJs seeking a versatile and adaptable system for their creative endeavors.

Software Integration

By enabling seamless integration with popular DJ software, the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus empowers DJs to harness the full potential of their preferred digital platforms. The controller is compatible with renowned DJ software such as Serato and Virtual DJ, ensuring a familiar and efficient workflow for DJs who prefer these platforms.

Additionally, the Mixstream Pro Plus is powered by Engine OS software, offering advanced features like key shifting and lighting control for a comprehensive software integration experience. This allows for a laptop-free performance, providing DJs with more freedom and flexibility during their sets.

Moreover, the controller supports various music sources including USB, SD card, streaming services, and Dropbox, offering versatile options to seamlessly integrate music libraries. With built-in Wi-Fi, the controller allows direct music streaming from popular services like Amazon Music, TIDAL, Beatport LINK, and SoundCloud Go+, further enhancing the integration of streaming services into DJ performances.

The Numark Mixstream Pro Plus also provides integration with Philips Hue and DMX lighting, enabling DJs to control and synchronize lighting effects directly from the controller, creating an immersive and synchronized performance experience.

Value and Alternatives

Considering the competitive pricing and professional features of the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus, it presents a compelling standalone alternative for DJs seeking value without compromising on performance. When comparing it to higher-priced options like the Pioneer XDJ-RR or the Denon DJ Prime Go, the Mixstream Pro Plus stands out for its advanced mix techniques, such as key matching, and the unique ability to control lighting through Philips Hue smart lights. This controller provides comprehensive and professional-feeling features at an entry-level price point, making it an attractive option for both beginner and experienced DJs. Additionally, the Mixstream Pro GO, a companion model to the Pro Plus, offers similar features but with a portable design and a built-in rechargeable battery pack, catering to on-the-go DJs. The Numark Mixstream Pro Plus offers exceptional value with its standalone functionality, ideal for cost-effective laptop-free mixing and providing an authentic DJ experience. When searching for a complete DJ solution that includes lighting control, the Mixstream Pro Plus competes favorably, offering a competitive edge over its counterparts.

FeaturesNumark Mixstream Pro PlusPioneer XDJ-RR
Key MatchingYesNo
Lighting ControlPhilips Hue smart lightsDMX lighting control

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Numark Mixstream Pro and Pro Plus?

The difference between the Numark Mixstream Pro and Pro Plus lies in their features and upgrades. The Pro Plus offers a high-definition touchscreen, built-in speakers, streaming chip, and wider software compatibility, enhancing its functionality, connectivity, and sound quality.

Can You Use Serato on Numark Mixstream Pro?

Yes, you can use Serato on the Numark Mixstream Pro. Its seamless compatibility with Serato and Virtual DJ software allows for versatile performance, advanced mixing capabilities, and precise controller mapping, making it ideal for digital DJing techniques and mobile DJing.

What Software Does Numark Mixstream Pro Use?

Numark Mixstream Pro Plus is compatible with a range of DJ software, including Virtual DJ, Traktor Pro, Algoriddim Djay, Mixxx software, Cross DJ, Rekordbox DJ, DJ Pro, Serato DJ, Ableton Live, and Pioneer DJ. This offers innovative flexibility for your performances.

What Is the Battery Life of Mixstream Pro?

The battery performance of Mixstream Pro Plus is impressive, offering up to 3 hours of continuous use. With its efficient power consumption and quick charging time, it’s perfect for mobile DJing and outdoor usage, providing reliable gig endurance.


Thanks for reading our Numark Mixstream Pro Plus review. Overall, the Numark Mixstream Pro Plus offers a comprehensive set of features and functions, a solid build quality, and seamless integration with popular DJ software. Its affordability and versatility make it a great option for both beginners and experienced DJs.

With its smart features and compatibility with streaming services, it provides a professional-level performance at an entry-level price point. If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich controller, the Mixstream Pro Plus is definitely worth considering.