Pioneer DDJ-800 Review

If you’re hesitant about investing in the DDJ-800 because it’s not Pioneer’s top-tier equipment, it’s understandable. However, there’s more to this 2-channel DJ controller than meets the eye.

The DDJ-800 boasts a solid build and a layout that will feel familiar to those accustomed to Pioneer’s gear. But does it truly deliver on performance and features that matter to you?

Let’s explore how this top DJ controller holds up in the realm of DJ tech and whether it’s worth your consideration.

Key Takeaways

  • The DDJ-800 is a slimmed-down, yet sturdy and reliable, controller suitable for professional use.
  • It closely resembles industry-standard CDJs and DJM mixers, providing a familiar interface for DJs.
  • It offers a comprehensive set of features, including Sound Color FX, Beat FX, standalone mixer functionality, and rekordbox DVS compatibility.
  • It provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, with seamless integration with rekordbox DJ software and efficient track analysis and control.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of the DDJ-800 are notably decent, featuring a slimmed-down mixer section and smaller jog wheels compared to higher-end Pioneer gear such as the DDJ-1000. The build quality, while not at the flagship level, still maintains a sturdy and reliable feel, making it suitable for professional use.

The removal of LED rings from the cue and play buttons may affect the overall design aesthetic, but in terms of performance, it doesn’t compromise the unit’s functionality.

The layout and controls of the DDJ-800 closely resemble the industry standard CDJs, providing a familiar and intuitive interface for DJs, especially those accustomed to Pioneer products.

The two-channel unit with slider switches for input selection is a practical design choice, offering flexibility for multi-deck mixes and accommodating turntables through phono inputs for digital vinyl functionality.

While lacking USB/SD slots and standalone operation, the DDJ-800 still provides excellent value for money compared to other Pioneer DJ products, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in high-quality DJ equipment.

Performance and Features

Featuring a layout and controls closely resembling industry-standard CDJs and DJM mixers, the DDJ-800 provides a familiar interface for DJs accustomed to Pioneer gear, facilitating a smooth transition into its performance and features.

Virtual Decks and Inputs: Each jog wheel on the DDJ-800 corresponds to a pair of virtual decks in rekordbox, offering a two-channel unit with good compromise for multi-deck mixes and additional functionality through the rekordbox ecosystem.

Onboard Features: The DDJ-800 offers a comprehensive set of features including Sound Color FX, Beat FX section with 14 effects, standalone mixer functionality, and compatibility with rekordbox DVS for timecode vinyl use.

Performance Pads and Modes: The DDJ-800 comes equipped with performance pads, enabling you to trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, and Sampler. Additionally, it offers various performance pad modes, enhancing creativity and control during your sets.

The DDJ-800 integrates seamlessly with rekordbox DJ software, providing access to extensive music library management features and advanced performance capabilities. This unit offers new levels of flexibility and creativity, empowering DJs to elevate their performances with precision and innovation.

User Experience and Interface

When using the DDJ-800, you will notice its intuitive interface and user-friendly experience, facilitating seamless integration with rekordbox DJ software. The controller’s layout and controls are familiar to those accustomed to CDJs and a DJM mixer, making the transition smooth. The DDJ-800 offers a modern mid-range controller with onboard screens, providing a seamless integration with rekordbox DJ software and extensive music library management features. Its design and features, such as the premium build quality, high-resolution jog wheel displays, and dedicated OLED screen and controls for effects, make it a compelling option for DJs seeking a serious commitment to DJ tech.

DJ GearRekordbox DJ ControllersPioneer DJs
Controller for Rekordbox DJMixer sectionPad FX
DDJ-800DDJ-800 Rekordbox DJInterface
User Experience

The DDJ-800’s interface and user experience are tailored to meet the demands of modern DJs. The layout and controls allow for a smooth transition for those familiar with Pioneer DJ gear, while the integration with rekordbox DJ software ensures a seamless and innovative DJing experience.

Compatibility and Software Integration

Designed for seamless integration with Rekordbox DJ software, the DDJ-800 offers extensive music library management features and advanced performance capabilities. Here’s what you can expect in terms of compatibility and software integration:

  1. Rekordbox DJ Software Integration: The DDJ-800 is tailored to work harmoniously with the Rekordbox DJ software, ensuring that DJs can leverage the full potential of Pioneer DJ’s ecosystem. This integration allows for efficient track analysis, preparation, and seamless control over the software’s features directly from the controller.
  2. Advanced Performance Features: With compatibility for Rekordbox DVS, the DDJ-800 extends its capabilities to support timecode vinyl use, providing a versatile platform for DJs who prefer the tactile feel of vinyl control. This advanced feature set ensures that the controller meets the demands of professional DJs seeking innovative performance options.
  3. Professional Standard at an Accessible Price Point: The DDJ-800 stands as a club-standard controller widely utilized by professional DJs, offering a compelling balance of performance, durability, and value. Its seamless compatibility and software integration make it an appealing choice for DJs looking for a reliable and feature-rich controller at an attractive price point.

Pros and Cons

If you’re seeking a detailed evaluation of the DDJ-800, considering both its advantages and disadvantages will provide a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

The DDJ-800 offers a familiar layout and controls resembling industry-standard CDJs, making it easy for DJs accustomed to CDJs and DJM mixers. Its virtual decks and inputs allow for seamless integration with rekordbox, offering a good compromise for multi-deck mixes.

This controller also provides good value for money compared to other Pioneer DJ products, making it a compelling option for serious commitment to DJ tech. Additionally, it features high-resolution jog wheel displays, providing visual track information and adding significant value to the rekordbox experience.

On the downside, the effects only work when using Rekordbox DJ, limiting functionality in standalone mode. The jog wheels aren’t mechanical, which mightn’t suit users familiar with the feel of CDJs. The screen may also be too small to display the browse list, potentially limiting track browsing convenience.

Furthermore, the pitch fader may feel too light for some users, affecting precision in pitch control, and there’s a lack of a touch strip for quick track searching, which could be a drawback for some DJs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Laptop for Ddj-800?

Yes, you need a laptop for the DDJ-800. It’s designed for controller compatibility and software integration. However, if you prioritize standalone operation, mobile DJing, and wireless connectivity, you might consider a different option for increased equipment portability and performance versatility.

Can You Use Serato on Ddj-800?

Yes, you can use Serato DJ Pro with the DDJ-800. This expands the controller’s performance options and flexibility. However, it may require additional setup and mapping to fully utilize its features, including mixer functionality and beat syncing.

Is DDJ-800 Plug and Play?

Yes, the DDJ-800 is plug and play, allowing for seamless controller setup and instant connectivity. Its compatibility with DJ software and mixer integration makes it a convenient option for DJs, offering reliable performance features and excellent sound quality.

What Year Did DDJ-800 Come Out?

The DDJ-800 was released in 2019 as a mid-range DJ controller with high-definition LCD displays, intuitive controls, and customization options. It is compatible with Rekordbox DJ software and has garnered positive feedback from the DJ community.


Thanks for checking out our Pioneer DDJ-800 review – this controller offers a solid build quality and familiar layout for DJs accustomed to Pioneer equipment. Its virtual decks and inputs, along with its compatibility with rekordbox, make it a reliable and feature-packed option for serious DJs.

While it may not have the high-end feel of Pioneer’s flagship gear, it still provides a decent build and performance for those looking for a reliable DJ controller.