Pioneer DDJ-REV5 Review

If you’re an aspiring DJ aiming to amplify your performance, the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 may be the missing piece in your setup.

This controller boasts an array of features designed to elevate your mixing prowess. From its battle-style layout to its integration with industry-standard software, the DDJ-REV5 offers a glimpse into the future of DJ controllers.

But is it truly a game-changer? Stay tuned to uncover the key aspects that make the DDJ-REV5 a potential game-changer in the world of DJing.

Quick note: this is a top pick in our comparison of the best DJ controllers.

Key Features and Specs

The Pioneer DDJ-Rev5 boasts CDJ-style jogwheels with piano play and auto beat transition features, providing a seamless and creative performance experience for DJs. This controller and mixer combo offers balanced XLR, aux, dual USBs, and mic inputs with USB PD power, ensuring a versatile and reliable setup for any DJ.

The auto BPM Transition feature allows for smooth BPM changes, while the Piano Play feature opens up a world of creative possibilities. The bright RGB performance pads aren’t only visually striking but also offer informative pad modes, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, the integration of Stems technology, auto BPM transition, and piano play pad mode for cue points in different keys showcases the innovative approach of the DDJ-Rev5.

With an intuitive and ergonomic design, this controller provides a solid foundation for DJs to explore their creativity. The inclusion of software FX further expands the creative potential, making the DDJ-Rev5 a compelling choice for DJs seeking a cutting-edge performance tool.

Performance and Software Integration

Featuring seamless integration with both Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox, the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 offers innovative software control that enhances performance capabilities for DJs at every level.

The integration of Stems technology into the DDJ-REV5 brings intuitive engagement modes for live remixing, elevating creativity in mashups and live performances.

The introduction of new features such as Auto BPM Transition for seamless tempo changes between songs and the Piano Play pad mode for cue points in different keys adds a playful element to performances and enhances creativity in triggering cue points.

Additionally, the controller’s advanced features include tempo adjustment sliders, looping controls, Key Lock function, and various browsing pots, all built to Pioneer’s high standards to provide precise and polished sound control.

The DDJ-REV5 also incorporates motorized platters for a tactile feel and precise control, as well as a crossfader curve adjustment for customizing the crossfader’s performance to suit individual mixing styles.

Top Down Controller View

Design and Build Quality

Impressively sleek and compact, the DDJ-REV5 showcases a battle-style layout with jog wheels akin in size to REV7 platters, and a professional-grade interface specked at 48 kHz 24 bit, delivering a tactile and polished feel for DJs.

The build quality of the DDJ-REV5 is solid with a plastic construction, resembling the REV7 in its compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable for gigging DJs. The Magvel Fader, reminiscent of Pioneer DJ devices, provides smooth and precise control, ensuring seamless mixing.

The standalone mixer section resembles the DJM A9 Club mixer, offering a familiar layout for Pioneer DJs. The mechanical jog wheels are responsive and durable, providing accurate control for scratching and beatmatching.

The connectivity options are comprehensive, featuring two mic inputs with separate level controls, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA master outputs, balanced Jacks for booth output, and multiple USB-C sockets for computer connection and power supply, enhancing versatility and convenience.

The overall design and build quality of the DDJ-REV5 exude reliability, making it a compelling choice for professional DJs seeking innovation and performance.

User Experience and Functionality

With its intuitive layout and high-quality controls, the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 offers a seamless user experience and impressive functionality for professional DJs. The controller’s ergonomic design and innovative features cater to the demands of the DJ industry, providing a platform for creativity and technical prowess. The integration with Serato DJ Pro allows for seamless software control, enabling DJs to manipulate and switch between built-in effects effortlessly. The hardware effects, coupled with the Magvel crossfader, elevate the performance capabilities, while the auto loop and original BPM features enhance the precision and creativity of live mixing. Additionally, the Dual Deck Mode fosters a new level of creativity, treating two tracks as one and catering to the needs of routines and technically minded DJs. The DDJ-REV5’s enhanced integration and simplified process for adding and removing song pieces further contribute to its functionality, empowering DJs to experiment with mashups and live performances.

Pioneer DDJ-REV5 FeaturesBenefits
Intuitive LayoutSeamless user experience
High-quality ControlsEnhanced performance capabilities
Serato DJ Pro IntegrationEffortless software control
Dual Deck ModeExpanded creativity and technical capabilities

Value and Comparison With Alternatives

Positioned at a $1099 price point, the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 offers mid-tier value with innovative features and dual software support for Serato and Rekordbox. When compared to alternatives, REV5 may be considered overpriced for its feature set, as it lacks some features compared to the higher-end REV7, making it essential to consider REV7 for motorized platters and hardware FX. For alternatives, exploring controllers like OPUS-QUAD and Rane One might be worthwhile, as OPUS-QUAD offers a standalone design with a central screen, while Rane One provides motorized jogwheels and tight Serato integration.

The jump in price from REV1 to REV5 is significant, making REV5 a mid-range premium controller that fills the gap in the market for DJs seeking quality features without high-end prices. DDJ-REV5 is an ideal choice for DJs looking for a balance of performance and affordability, offering a middle ground with advanced features at a more affordable price point, catering to intermediate DJs between the entry-level REV1 and flagship REV7.

  1. DDJ-REV5 presents mid-tier value with innovative features and dual software support for Serato and Rekordbox.
  2. REV5 is comparably overpriced for its feature set when compared to the higher-end REV7.
  3. Alternatives such as OPUS-QUAD and Rane One offer unique features like standalone design with a central screen and motorized jogwheels with tight Serato integration.
  4. The price jump from REV1 to REV5 is significant, making REV5 a mid-range premium controller catering to DJs seeking quality features without high-end prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did the DDJ Rev 5 Come Out?

The Pioneer DDJ-Rev5, launched in August 2023, offers a battle-oriented design, dual software compatibility with Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox, and a premium build quality. Its performance capabilities, user interface, and connectivity options cater to the needs of intermediate DJs.

What Is the Difference Between Rev 5 and Rev 7?

The difference between the REV5 and REV7 lies in the motorized platters and hardware FX. The REV7 offers a true vinyl mixing experience with its motorized platters, while the REV5 prioritizes portability and affordability without sacrificing performance.

What Is the Best Sounding Pioneer Controller?

The best sounding Pioneer controller for your DJ equipment setup is the one that offers top-notch sound quality, advanced Pioneer technology, and versatile mixing options. Look for a controller with superior audio output, sound clarity, and performance capabilities for your music production and sound engineering needs.

How Much Is the DJ Rev 5?

The DDJ-REV5 is priced at $1099, £939, or €1099. It offers a scratch layout, CDJ-style jogwheels, and innovative software control. With an ergonomic design and high-quality controls, it caters to DJs seeking premium features at a mid-range price.


Our Pioneer DDJ-REV5 review has shown it sets a new standard for scratch DJ controllers with its innovative features, solid build quality, and tight integration with Serato software.

Its battle-style layout, CDJ-style jogwheels, and mixer section inspired by Pioneer’s DJM-S7 and DJM-S9 mixers offer a dynamic and creative mixing experience.

With unique features like Stem Controls and Auto BPM Transition, the DDJ-REV5 stands out as a versatile and advanced controller in the mid-range premium market, making it a top choice for DJs seeking a cutting-edge performance tool.