Pioneer Opus-Quad Review

If you’re in the market for a new DJ controller, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is worth considering. Its sleek design and array of features make it a compelling option for both mobile DJs and smaller venues.

But before you make any decisions, there are several key aspects to consider. From its innovative design and enhanced mixer to the advanced connectivity options, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to this controller.

Stay tuned to discover how the Opus Quad holds up under scrutiny and whether it’s the right fit for your DJ setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Stylish design with curves, angles, brown edges, and brass-effect edging
  • Smart Rotary Selector and touchscreen for intuitive and precise control
  • Ample storage space with a large SSD for seamless loading and playing of music
  • Versatile connectivity options with a wide range of inputs and outputs, including compatibility with streaming services and DJ software

Innovative Design and Features

With its stylish design featuring curves, angles, brown edges, and brass-effect edging, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad stands out as an innovative and visually striking addition to the DJ equipment market.

The unit’s unique design is complemented by a range of features that cater to the demands of modern DJs. The Smart Rotary Selector provides intuitive control over various functions, allowing for seamless transitions and creative mixing techniques. Additionally, the Smooth Echo feature adds a layer of dynamism to performances, enabling DJs to incorporate smooth and impactful echo effects into their sets. The FX knobs further enhance the creative possibilities, offering precise manipulation of effects to craft unique sounds.

Furthermore, the Opus Quad boasts a large SSD, ensuring ample storage space for extensive music libraries. The front panel’s layout is thoughtfully designed for ease of use, with clear visibility and accessibility to essential controls.

Enhanced Mixer and Screen Integration

The Pioneer DJ Opus Quad introduces an enhanced mixer and screen integration, featuring a 10.1′ touchscreen and auxiliary screens above each jogwheel for added functionality and accessibility. This innovative design enhances user experience by providing seamless and intuitive control. The central screen and auxiliary screens offer a wealth of information at your fingertips, and the smooth scrolling and next-gen CPU technology ensure a responsive and efficient workflow. Check out the table below to see the new features in the mixer section:

USB PortsMultiple inputs and outputs for easy connectivity and integration
Wi-Fi ConnectivityAccess your music library and streaming services with ease
Track AnalysisOn-board track analysis for quick and efficient music selection
Customizable Deck ColorsPersonalize your deck display with customizable color options

The Opus Quad’s screen integration also offers track filtering, unique loop setup methods, and the ability to export music from Rekordbox to USB. With these new features, the Opus Quad is at the forefront of innovation in the DJ industry.

Improved Deck Sections and Controls

Explore the enhanced deck sections and controls on the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad, featuring a high-resolution 10.1′ touchscreen and auxiliary screens for detailed track information. The new and improved features empower DJs with cutting-edge tools for seamless and creative mixing experiences. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Next-gen CPU technology for smoother deck controls and operations.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs, including mic channels, line/phono inputs, and master outs, providing versatile connectivity options.
  • Streamlined loading and playing of music with a smooth scrolling screen, customizable deck colors, and potential track filter feature.
  • New mixer with screen integration, four stand-alone channels, and improved beat effect controls, offering comprehensive deck management and creative mixing possibilities.

With the incorporation of these innovative features, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad sets a new standard in the industry, allowing DJs to have precise control at their fingertips.

The combination of the high-resolution touchscreen, advanced CPU technology, and versatile inputs and outputs elevates the DJ experience to new heights, surpassing the functionality of previous models and competing brands.

Advanced Connectivity Options

Discover the array of advanced connectivity options available with the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad, providing versatile access to various audio sources for a seamless and expansive DJ experience. The Opus Quad is equipped with a wide range of inputs and outputs, including mic channels, line/phono inputs, and master outs, ensuring compatibility with diverse audio sources. Additionally, the inclusion of a LAN port for connection and SMART LINK functionality enhances the unit’s capabilities as a standalone unit. The integration of a USB-C port offers modern and future-proof connectivity, while support for streaming services like Beatport, Beatsource, TIDAL, and Soundcloud expands the range of music sources for DJs. Furthermore, the unit’s compatibility with Rekordbox and Serato DJ software, along with the ability to play from USB flash drives, SSD drives, computers, and smart devices, offers unparalleled flexibility in music playback. Check out the table below for a comprehensive overview of the Opus Quad’s advanced connectivity options.

Connectivity OptionsFeatures
LAN PortSMART LINK functionality for standalone use
USB-C PortModern and future-proof connectivity
TRS Booth OutputEnhanced audio output for booth monitoring

With these advanced connectivity options, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad empowers you to revolutionize your DJ setup and elevate your performance to new heights.

Overall User Experience and Verdict

Experience the seamless integration of advanced features and tactile controls, offering unparalleled creativity and flexibility in your DJ performances with the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad. The Opus Quad’s user experience is defined by its innovative design and comprehensive feature set, making it a standout choice for DJs looking to elevate their performances.

Here’s a look at the overall user experience and verdict:

  • Performance pads and COLOR FX buttons provide intuitive, responsive control for triggering samples and adding dynamic effects to your mixes.
  • The rotary selector and touchscreen XY-Pad offer precise and customizable manipulation of Pioneer’s renowned Beat FX, enhancing your ability to shape and mold your sound in real-time.
  • The Opus Quad’s price point may be higher compared to other controllers, but its unmatched build quality and feature set justify the investment for serious DJs.
  • Verdict: With its advanced performance capabilities and seamless integration, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad delivers a truly innovative and versatile DJ controller experience, making it a top choice for those seeking a premium, standalone solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pioneer Opus Worth It?

Is the Pioneer Opus worth it? Based on price comparison, performance analysis, user experience, long term durability, software compatibility, sound quality, connectivity options, design aesthetics, customer support, and value for money, it offers innovative features and solid value.

What Is the OPUS-QUAD on Pioneer Dj?

The Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD features advanced CPU technology, multiple inputs/outputs, compatibility with streaming services, and a sleek, luxury design. Its usability, sound quality, and market demand make it a prime choice for innovative DJs.

What Is the Difference Between Cdj3000 and Opus-Quad?

The Opus-Quad offers a larger touchscreen, more channels, and unique design elements compared to the CDJ3000. It also provides on-board track analysis, streaming services, and USB-C connectivity. These differences contribute to a higher price variance and enhanced user experience.

Can You Stream on Opus-Quad?

Yes, you can stream on the Opus-Quad. It features advanced streaming capabilities, high-quality audio, seamless connectivity options, and compatibility with popular DJ software. With wireless streaming and support for major streaming platforms, it enhances your live mixing experience.


Overall, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad is a game-changer for mobile DJs and smaller venues. Its innovative design and features, enhanced mixer and screen integration, improved deck sections and controls, and advanced connectivity options make it a versatile and impressive DJ controller.

With easy access to music streaming services and a sleek, stylish design, this controller offers a top-notch user experience and is definitely worth considering for your DJ setup. Thanks for reading our full Pioneer DJ OPUS-QUAD Review!