Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Review

If you’re in the market for a new DJ system, the Pioneer RX2 is like a well-oiled machine waiting to be put through its paces. You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding this all-in-one setup, but does it live up to the hype?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the RX2 has garnered attention for its compact design and impressive features.

But before you hit the play button, there are a few things you’ll want to consider about this popular Pioneer offering. We also have a comparison of dj controllers if you’re interested.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pioneer RX2 is a versatile DJ controller with a 7-inch touch screen, responsive jog wheels, and eight performance pads.
  • It offers professional-grade connectivity, including two USB inputs for accessing music from USB sticks and recording DJ sets.
  • The mixer section has high-quality EQ control and a third auxiliary channel, allowing for seamless mixing and effects manipulation.
  • The RX2 can be used as a standalone unit or as a MIDI controller for DJ software, making it a flexible option for DJs of all levels.

Pioneer Rx2 Key Features

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 boasts a range of key features that elevate its performance and versatility for DJs seeking professional-grade equipment.

The 7-inch touch screen enhances the browsing experience, allowing for faster track searching and a more intuitive operation. This feature is especially beneficial in club environments where quick access to tracks is essential for seamless mixing.

Additionally, the two deck sections with responsive jog wheels and eight multicoloured performance pads enable DJs to trigger Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, and Slip Loops with precision, enhancing live performance capabilities.

The mixer section of the XDJ-RX2 is designed to offer professional connectivity, effects, and a third auxiliary channel for seamless integration of external devices, making it an ideal choice for diverse performance needs.

With two USB inputs, the XDJ-RX2 not only allows DJs to access music from USB sticks but also facilitates the recording of DJ sets, adding a layer of flexibility for performers with low-spec computers.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a full version of Rekordbox software and the option to use the XDJ-RX2 as a standalone unit or as a MIDI controller for DJ software make it suitable for a laptop-free setup, catering to the evolving needs of modern DJs.

Performance and Functionality

Featuring a responsive 7-inch touch screen and professional-grade connectivity, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 delivers exceptional performance and functionality for DJs of all levels.

The pads on the RX2 provide tactile control over hot cues, beat loops, and slip loops, enhancing performance capabilities. Additionally, the Beat FX and Sound Color FX offer a wide array of creative options, allowing you to shape and manipulate your sound with precision.

The integration of Rekordbox DJ software ensures seamless track management, and the large cue buttons and loop controls contribute to the overall functionality, enabling effortless mixing and performance.

The mixer section of the RX2 is equipped with high-quality EQ control and a third auxiliary channel for connecting external devices, providing professional-grade sound manipulation. The two USB inputs offer versatile connectivity options, while the standalone functionality caters to DJs who prefer not to rely on a laptop setup.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 sets a new standard for performance and functionality in the realm of DJ equipment.

Design and Build Quality

With its solid build and professional-grade components, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 showcases a versatile design and high-quality construction, seamlessly transitioning from its exceptional performance to its impeccable design and build quality. The RX2 features a heavy and professional feeling plastic chassis, similar to the flagship Nexus 2 players, ensuring durability and reliability during performances. It shares parts with more expensive stand-alone models, such as the effects bank from the DJM450 mixer, reflecting its high-quality build. The design incorporates shortcut buttons, a large browse knob, and needle search features, enhancing usability and providing a premium feel. Additionally, the touch screen allows for faster track searching with the onscreen QWERTY keyboard, offering convenience and efficiency for DJs. The inclusion of XLR and RCA inputs/outputs, combined with two USB ports and compatibility with Rekordbox software, makes the RX2 a versatile standalone mixer suitable for various setups. The eight multicolored performance pads for Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, and Slip Loops not only add to its professional look but also provide enhanced functionality, making it an innovative choice for DJs.

Design and Build Quality
Heavy and professional feeling plastic chassis
Shares parts with more expensive stand-alone models
Versatile design with convenient features

User Experience and Software Integration

For optimal user experience and seamless software integration, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 incorporates a 7-inch touch screen and additional performance pads, enhancing tactile control and visual feedback for DJs. This combination provides an intuitive and responsive interface, allowing DJs to manipulate tracks and trigger samples with precision.

The inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard and browse knob streamlines library browsing, making it quick and efficient to search for and load tracks during performances.

The integration with Rekordbox software further enhances the user experience by enabling comprehensive track management and organization directly from the XDJ-RX2, ensuring seamless transitions and a well-curated selection of music.

Additionally, the incorporation of Beat FX and master output for external audio devices demonstrates the unit’s capability to integrate with various equipment, offering flexibility for different performance setups.

With its focus on user-centric design and software compatibility, the XDJ-RX2 represents a significant advancement in DJ gear, catering to the needs of modern digital performers.

Comparison With Competing Models

Setting the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 apart from its competitors is its professional build, comprehensive features, and seamless connectivity options.

When compared to other all-in-one systems, the XDJ-RX2 stands out with its 7-inch touch screen, increased performance pads, and a layout that mirrors the club-standard CDJ/DJM setup.

The mixer section, incorporating features from the standalone DJM mixers, gives the XDJ-RX2 an edge, providing professional connectivity and Beat FX.

In terms of connectivity, the XDJ-RX2 offers two USB inputs to feed both decks simultaneously and the flexibility to connect to Rekordbox software in Performance mode or Export mode, which is a standout feature compared to its competitors.

Additionally, the XDJ-RX2’s standalone functionality without the need for a laptop and its compatibility with iPhone and Android devices running the Rekordbox app further elevate its appeal over similar systems.

When compared to competing models, such as those from Denon DJ, the XDJ-RX2’s Color FX and the ability to utilize the Link Export mode to connect to other club gear make it a top choice for Pioneer DJs seeking innovative, professional equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Worth It?

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 is worth it for its top-notch performance features, intuitive user interface, exceptional sound quality, and excellent portability. With versatile connectivity options, software compatibility, and solid build quality, it offers great value for money. Additionally, it has garnered positive feedback from the DJ community and is known for its long-term reliability.

Is the XDJ-RX2 Discontinued?

Yes, the XDJ-RX2 is not discontinued. Future updates, market demand, and software compatibility ensure its longevity. Second hand value remains high, and firmware support is ongoing. User feedback drives industry impact. Official statement confirms its place with no alternative options.

What Is the Difference Between Pioneer RX2 and Rx3?

The Pioneer RX2 and RX3 feature comparison shows significant performance differences, design changes, and connectivity options. User feedback praises the sound and build quality. Software updates and future upgrades contribute to the price variance.

When Did the Pioneer RX2 Come Out?

The Pioneer RX2 was released in September 2017, offering advanced performance pads, effects, and a 7-inch touch screen. It’s designed for professional club setups at a more affordable price, making it suitable for a wide range of DJs.


In conclusion, the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 review had us coveting it! It is a highly versatile and powerful all-in-one DJ system that offers a compact and affordable alternative to traditional CDJ/DJM setups.

With its impressive performance and functionality, sleek design and build quality, seamless user experience and software integration, and competitive edge over other models, the RX2 is a top choice for DJs looking to elevate their craft and take their performances to the next level.