American DJ PAR Z100 5K Review

If you’re in the market for a lighting fixture that’s the equivalent of a chameleon on stage, then the American DJ PAR Z100 5K might just be your match.

This LED powerhouse promises to shake up your stage presence with its modern take on the classic Par Can.

But before you dive into the details, wouldn’t you want to know how it performs in action and whether it lives up to the hype? Or check out other options for the best DJ lights.

Features and Specifications

With a powerful 100W cool white C.O.B. LED and a remarkable life expectancy of 50,000 hours, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K offers an impressive array of features and specifications for versatile stage lighting setups. The modern LED twist on traditional stage lighting not only delivers a low power draw, making it an energy-efficient choice, but also provides a color temperature ideal for creating a crisp, white lighting environment. This is especially advantageous for stage productions where accurately portraying colors and creating a dynamic atmosphere is crucial.

The 5 different beam angle options further enhance the adaptability of this lighting fixture, allowing you to tailor the light dispersion to suit diverse stage layouts and performance styles. The incorporation of a 5-pin DMX connection not only simplifies data daisy chaining but also facilitates seamless integration into existing lighting setups. Additionally, the inclusion of a gel frame for inserting diffusion filters adds an extra layer of customization, enabling you to manipulate the light output to achieve specific artistic effects.

Furthermore, the locking power In/Out feature for daisy chaining, coupled with support for DMX control of dimming and strobe, offers a high level of control over the lighting environment. This not only streamlines the setup process but also provides the flexibility needed to adapt to different performance requirements. The American DJ PAR Z100 5K’s ability to deliver a powerful and precisely controllable light output makes it a compelling option for stage lighting.

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Performance and Output

The ADJ PAR Z100 5K’s 100W cool white C.O.B. LED ensures a powerful and efficient output, comparable to a 1000W halogen sealed beam Par, delivering impressive brightness for your stage lighting needs. This modern-day lighting marvel not only offers a remarkable output but also provides versatility with its 5 different beam angle options, allowing you to tailor the lighting to suit your specific stage setup. The COB (chip-on-board) LED technology ensures uniform and intense illumination, making it a standout choice for professional stage productions.

One of the most significant performance features of the PAR Z100 5K is its smooth dimming capabilities, which are crucial for creating the right ambiance during performances. This fixture’s dimming curve is designed to deliver seamless transitions without any flickering, ensuring a professional and polished lighting effect. Additionally, the ability to daisy chain up to 15 fixtures, coupled with its adjustable beam angle with detents, makes it a versatile tool for stage plots and key light usage.

The PAR Z100 5K’s powerCON In/Out allows for easy and secure power linking, streamlining the setup process. Furthermore, its low power draw and lack of heat emission make it an energy-efficient and performer-friendly lighting solution. The inclusion of a gel frame for diffusion filters and DMX control for dimming and strobe further enhances its adaptability and control options for stage designers. Ultimately, the ADJ PAR Z100 5K’s impressive output and versatile performance features make it a top contender in the realm of modern stage lighting.

Versatility and Applications

Incorporating advanced LED technology and a range of beam angle options, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K stands out as a versatile and adaptable lighting fixture for a variety of stage applications. The modern twist on the traditional stage par, with its technological conveniences, makes the Par Z100 5K a highly sought-after LED PAR for lighting and stage designers.

Here’s why it excels in versatility and applications:

  1. Flexible Beam Angles: The availability of 5 different beam angle options allows the Par Z100 5K to cater to a wide range of stage setups and designs. Whether you need a narrow spotlight or a wide flood, this fixture offers the flexibility to meet diverse lighting requirements.
  2. DMX Control Capabilities: The fixture’s DMX control of dimming and strobe effects enhances its adaptability for different performance needs. This level of control ensures that the Par Z100 5K can seamlessly integrate into various lighting designs and dynamic stage productions.
  3. Energy Efficiency and Heat Management: With its low power draw and cool stage temperature, the Par Z100 5K is ideal for prolonged use, addressing the demand for energy-efficient and heat-managed lighting solutions in modern stage applications. This feature not only saves on power consumption but also contributes to a comfortable stage environment for performers.

The American DJ PAR Z100 5K’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to the lighting arsenal of any stage or production, offering adaptability, precision, and efficiency.

Design and Build Quality

Pivoting from its adaptability and applications, the next crucial aspect to examine is the design and structural integrity of the ADJ PAR Z100 5K, shedding light on the innovative features and durability of this lighting fixture. The ADJ PAR Z100 5K boasts a modern twist on the traditional halogen Par cans, incorporating a 100W cool white C.O.B. LED for a robust and reliable build quality. Its compact dimensions of 19.33 x 10.82 x 8.75 inches and a weight of 8 lbs. make it a lightweight option for various stage setups, without compromising on durability. With a gel frame included for convenient diffusion filter changes and 5 different beam angle options, this fixture offers versatility and customization in its design.

The table below provides a summarized view of some key design and build quality features of the ADJ PAR Z100 5K:

LED100W cool white C.O.B. LED for low heat emission and energy efficiency
Dimensions and Weight19.33 x 10.82 x 8.75 inches, 8 lbs. for a compact and lightweight design
VersatilityGel frame for easy diffusion filter changes and 5 beam angle options for customizable lighting

The locking power In/Out for daisy chaining and 5-pin DMX connections ensure a solid and secure build for seamless integration into lighting setups, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and durable lighting fixture.

Value and Pricing

When considering the value and pricing of the ADJ PAR Z100 5K, you’ll find that it offers modern LED technology at a cost-effective price point, making it an attractive option for various lighting needs.

The advantages include low power draw, which not only reduces energy costs but also aligns with the conveniences of modern-day energy-efficient lighting solutions. This feature makes it an appealing choice for stage designers and performers who are conscious of their energy consumption.

Additionally, the fixture’s ability to run all night with no duty cycle enhances its value proposition for the price, a significant benefit for events that require extended lighting use.

Moreover, the 5 different beam angle options and gel frame for diffusion filters add versatility, allowing for the adaptation of the lighting to different settings and requirements. This aspect significantly increases the product’s value for lighting and stage designers, as it provides the flexibility to change the beam angle and color temperature, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the American DJ PAR Z100 5K Be Controlled Wirelessly?

Yes, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K can be controlled wirelessly. You have multiple options for remote operation, but there may be limitations with wireless range and signal reliability. Consider signal interference and connectivity issues when troubleshooting.

What Is the Warranty Period for the American DJ PAR Z100 5k?

The warranty for the American DJ PAR Z100 5K provides coverage for a specific period, offering repair processes, customer support, and potentially extended warranty options. The warranty claim process, terms, registration, limitations, and transferability should be thoroughly understood. Service centers are also essential.

Is the American DJ PAR Z100 5K Compatible With DMX Controllers?

Yes, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K is compatible with DMX controllers, offering wireless control, adjustable color temperature, a cooling fan, high light output, efficient power consumption, various mounting options, wide beam angle, smooth dimming capabilities, and compatibility with other fixtures.

Can the Color Temperature of the American DJ PAR Z100 5K Be ADJusted?

Yes, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K allows you to adjust the color temperature, providing performance flexibility for your stage lighting. With DMX compatibility and wireless control, you can easily achieve stunning lighting effects and precise color mixing.

Does the American DJ PAR Z100 5K Have a Fan for Cooling?

Yes, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K has a fan for cooling. The fan speed and cooling technology are designed to efficiently dissipate heat, regulating temperature without impacting performance. The airflow design minimizes noise and requires minimal fan maintenance.


In conclusion, the American DJ PAR Z100 5K offers impressive performance and output with its 100W warm white C.O.B. LED and 5 different beam angle options.

Its versatility, DMX control, and daisy chaining capabilities make it a valuable lighting solution for various stage setups.

With its modern twist on traditional halogen Par Cans and cost-effective pricing, the PAR Z100 5K is a top choice for those in need of efficient and powerful lighting. Thanks for reading our complete American DJ PAR Z100 5K review.