Shure SM58 Review

If you’ve ever attended a live music event, there’s an over 90% chance that the vocalist on stage was using a Shure SM58 microphone. Its ubiquitous presence in the music industry speaks volumes about its reliability and performance.

But is the hype justified? Let’s explore the nuances of the Shure SM58 in various real-world scenarios, including live performances, studio recordings, and public speaking engagements.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring performer, discovering the intricacies of this iconic microphone could significantly shape your audio experience. Check out our other picks for best dj microphone.

Shure SM58 Features and Specifications

Discussing the features and specifications of the Shure SM58, it’s important to highlight its design and engineering principles that contribute to its renowned performance in live vocal applications. The Shure SM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone known for its exceptional sound quality and durability, making it an industry standard for live performances. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures that it captures sound primarily from the front and sides, making it ideal for loud stages where sound isolation is crucial. This feature also minimizes feedback, allowing for higher gains before potential audio feedback issues arise.

The microphone’s design is robust, featuring a die-cast steel body with a spherical silver grille and an integrated shock mount system. This construction minimizes handling noise and ensures that the microphone can withstand the rigors of live performances.

In terms of sound, the Shure SM58 delivers a warm and clear audio reproduction, making it suitable for a wide range of voices. Its balanced frequency response contributes to its warm sound, while its ability to handle very high sound pressure levels (SPL) ensures that it can accommodate powerful vocal performances without distortion.

Additionally, the Shure SM58 comes in various models, such as the SM58-S with a convenient on/off switch, the SM58-LC without a switch, and the SM58-CN and SM58-CN BTS, which include additional accessories such as a cable and a carrying bag. The inclusion of a built-in pop filter further enhances its performance by reducing plosives and wind noise.

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Performance and Verdict

Moving from the discussion of the Shure SM58’s features and specifications, the microphone’s robust design and balanced sound quality set the stage for an in-depth evaluation of its performance and overall verdict.

The Shure SM58, a dynamic vocal microphone, excels in live performances due to its cardioid pickup pattern, which minimizes background noise and feedback. When put to the test, its sound quality impresses, delivering clear and natural vocals while effectively rejecting unwanted sounds from the surroundings. The build quality of the SM58 ensures durability, making it reliable for extensive use in various performance settings.

In terms of handling noise, the SM58 stands out with its ability to minimize unwanted sounds caused by handling and movement. This feature is particularly valuable for performers who require freedom of movement during their acts. The microphone’s consistent performance across different vocal ranges makes it a versatile choice for professionals seeking reliable equipment for a range of applications. Additionally, the affordability and replaceable parts of the SM58 add to its overall appeal, providing a cost-effective solution for those in need of a dependable vocal microphone.

Hands-On Demos

Upon demonstration, the Shure SM58’s superior handling of high sound pressure levels and its minimal handling noise showcase its exceptional performance in live vocal settings. The microphone’s cardioid dynamic design effectively captures the primary sound source while minimizing background noise, making it ideal for vocal performances in noisy environments.

Here are the key highlights observed during hands-on demos:

  • High Sound Pressure Levels: The Shure SM58 impresses with its ability to handle extremely high SPL levels without distortion. During the demo, even when subjected to loud and powerful vocal performances, the microphone maintained clarity and fidelity, ensuring that the nuances of the vocals were faithfully reproduced.
  • Impact on Vocal Clarity: The microphone’s capability to handle high SPL levels directly translates to clear and intelligible vocal output even in the most demanding live settings. This feature makes it a reliable choice for vocalists who require consistent and articulate sound reproduction.
  • Minimal Handling Noise: When subjected to handling and movement, the Shure SM58 exhibited minimal handling noise, ensuring that the focus remained on the vocal performance without being disrupted by unwanted sounds.
  • Impact on Performance Confidence: The microphone’s ability to effectively minimize handling noise instills confidence in performers, allowing them to move freely and expressively without concern for disruptive mechanical sounds.

During the hands-on demos, the Shure SM58’s performance reaffirmed its standing as a popular and reliable choice for dynamic vocal microphones in live settings.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The exceptional performance of the Shure SM58 in live vocal settings, as demonstrated through its handling of high sound pressure levels and minimal handling noise, has garnered positive feedback from customers, with 66% rating it 4 stars and praising its reliability and sound quality. Users have expressed satisfaction with the microphone’s performance in various applications, including live vocal performances, interviews, bands, and home recordings. The microphone is recommended by both professionals and beginners for its performance, value for money, and versatility. It is considered a must-have microphone for gigging bands and working musicians due to its consistent quality and durability.

Reliable and durableMay require additional accessories
Excellent sound qualitySlightly heavier than some models
Versatile in various applications
Great value for money

Customers appreciate the Shure SM58’s rejection of feedback in live sound situations and its ability to handle a wide variety of vocal styles. The microphone’s dynamic cardioid design ensures it captures the intended sound while minimizing ambient noise. The overall build and sound quality make it a go-to choice for professionals seeking professional microphones. The Shure SM58 has consistently proven itself to be well made and reliable, making it a top contender in the dynamic microphone category.

Comparison With Other Shure Microphones

When comparing the Shure SM58 with other microphones in the Shure lineup, it’s essential to consider their distinct sound characteristics and suitability for different vocal styles. The Shure SM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone that boasts a tailored frequency response for clear and balanced sound. Its internal shock mount minimizes handling noise, making it an ideal choice for live vocal performances. In contrast, the Shure SM57, also a dynamic microphone, is popular for its versatility in recording instruments, with a more focused pickup pattern. Comparatively, the SM58’s rejection of feedback and its cardioid pickup pattern make it a reliable choice for loud stage environments.

Shure Microphones Comparison:

  • Shure SM58 vs. Shure SM57
  • The SM58 is optimized for vocal use, offering a balanced sound and an internal shock mount for reduced handling noise, whereas the SM57 is tailored for instrument recording, providing a more focused pickup pattern.
  • Shure SM58 vs. Budget-Friendly Alternatives
  • While the SM58 is a top choice for live vocal performances, alternatives like the Sennheiser e845 and Shure PGA48-LC provide budget-friendly options with different polar patterns and sound characteristics, catering to diverse user preferences and budget constraints.

Considering these factors, the Shure SM58 stands out as a popular vocal microphone, renowned for its durability, rejection of feedback, and balanced sound. Its suitability for live vocal performances, coupled with its internal shock mount and optional on-off switch, makes it an excellent choice for professional and aspiring vocalists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shure SM58 Any Good?

The Shure SM58 is excellent. Its performance quality, durability, sound clarity, and user-friendly design make it stand out. Its industry standard status, wireless options, and brand reputation contribute to customer satisfaction. Price comparison and technical specifications validate its value.

Why Is the SM58 so Popular?

The Shure SM58 is popular due to its durability, reliability, and legendary performance. Its versatile use, wide frequency response, excellent feedback rejection, and iconic design make it an industry standard. With affordable pricing, it’s a trusted choice for professionals.

Why Is the Shure SM58 so Quiet?

The Shure SM58 achieves its quiet performance through advanced microphone sensitivity, sound isolation, and dynamic range. Its superior signal to noise ratio and effective rejection of environmental noise make it ideal for challenging acoustic environments.

What Singers Use Shure Sm58?

Famous performers, professional musicians, and touring artists utilize Shure SM58 for live concerts, stage performances, and recording studios. Its dynamic and wireless technology delivers exceptional sound quality, making it a preferred vocal microphone in diverse performance settings.


You’ve seen the impressive features and specifications of the Shure SM58, experienced its outstanding performance, and heard the positive reviews from satisfied customers.

With its durable construction, clear sound reproduction, and affordable price, the SM58 is a top choice for vocalists and professionals.

Its legendary status in the industry is well-deserved, and it continues to set the standard for live performances worldwide. Thanks for reading our Shure SM58 review.