Allen & Heath Xone:96 Review

So, you’re in the market for a new mixer, and the Allen and Heath Xone 96 has caught your eye.

You’ve heard some buzz about its impressive features and solid performance, but you’re still wondering if it lives up to the hype.

Well, let’s just say that this mixer has a few tricks up its sleeve that might surprise you.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, the Xone 96 has some interesting aspects that are worth exploring. Check out our other top picks for best DJ mixer as well.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Allen and Heath Xone:96 boasts a robust and durable build quality, ensuring longevity and reliability for professional use. The classic silver finish exudes elegance while the high build quality showcases the dedication to excellence in its design and construction.

The thoughtful enhancements in the mixer’s design, such as improved fader curves and booth EQ, provide a user-friendly and customizable experience. The enhanced ground pole for turntables and repositioned record output offer convenient connectivity and usability for various devices and setups, catering to the diverse needs of DJs.

The seamless combination of analog and digital features makes the Xone:96 a versatile solution for both DJing and studio applications. Its USB connectivity further enhances the user experience, allowing for seamless integration with modern digital setups.

Xone96 Product Shot

Advanced Connectivity Options

With its meticulous attention to detail evident in the robust build quality, the Allen and Heath Xone:96 offers advanced connectivity options, setting a new standard for versatile and flexible mixing capabilities. The mixer’s advanced connectivity options include:

  • Flexible Send/Return system for adding FX, providing enhanced creative possibilities for DJs.
  • Various connections such as quarter-inch for Send/Return, RCA jacks, USB ports, XLR and ¼ Main Outs, Booth Out, Record Out, and Audio Sync Out, ensuring seamless integration with different equipment.
  • Suitable for external gear connectivity via Send 1 and 2, Return A, B, C, D, and Master Insert, making it adaptable for various setups and configurations.
  • Dual USB ports enabling up to 24 audio channels and seamless routing through software, offering unparalleled digital integration for advanced mixing techniques.

These advanced connectivity options make the Allen and Heath Xone:96 an attractive choice for DJs seeking innovative and flexible mixing capabilities, allowing for intricate control over effects, external gear, and digital integration.

Whether utilizing Traktor Scratch or experimenting with intricate curve adjustments on channel faders, the Xone:96’s connectivity options provide the tools for unparalleled creativity and precision in mixing.

Sound Performance and Quality

The Xone:96 demonstrates exceptional sound performance and quality, setting a new standard for professional DJs and audio enthusiasts. Its sound quality is unrivaled, with pristine audio reproduction and ample headroom to accommodate a wide range of music styles.

The onboard FX provide a diverse range of creative options, seamlessly integrated into the mixer’s signal path. The Master Insert allows for easy integration of external effects, enhancing the mixer’s versatility and creative potential.

The channel faders are precise and responsive, offering smooth control over audio levels and transitions. The EQ instead of isolator mode offers a more musical approach to mixing, allowing for seamless blending and shaping of tracks.

The Xone:96’s phono preamps deliver a warm and rich sound, perfect for vinyl enthusiasts. Additionally, its audio interface capabilities further expand its functionality, making it a powerful tool for both live performances and studio work.

The mixer’s robust build quality and striking silver finish reflect Allen and Heath’s commitment to excellence, making the Xone:96 a top choice for those seeking uncompromising sound performance and quality.

User Interface and Controls

Demonstrate your prowess in handling the Xone:96’s user interface and controls with the same precision and artistry exhibited in harnessing its unparalleled sound performance and quality. The mixer boasts a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls designed for seamless operation.

Its high-quality faders, knobs, and buttons provide precise and responsive control over audio parameters, enhancing the DJ’s performance experience. The layout ensures easy access to key functions, optimizing workflow. Additionally, MIDI integration with 31 MIDI enabled controls offers extensive customization and mapping possibilities, allowing for personalized setups tailored to individual preferences and needs.

  • User-friendly interface with intuitive controls
  • High-quality faders, knobs, and buttons for precise control
  • Easy access layout for optimized workflow
  • MIDI integration with 31 MIDI enabled controls for extensive customization

The Xone:96’s classic silver finish and high build quality contribute to its professional and aesthetically pleasing user interface. This, combined with its advanced features such as filter pop, curve selector switch, split cue, crunch feature, USB ports, and analogue mixer, make it an innovative and versatile choice for DJs. The inclusion of a booth monitor further enhances its usability and flexibility for live performances.

Integration and Compatibility

Integrating seamlessly with a wide range of DJ equipment and software, the Allen and Heath Xone:96 offers unparalleled compatibility and adaptability for diverse performance setups. For modern DJs, the Xone:96 provides extensive integration capabilities with external gear. With multiple USB ports, DJs can easily connect laptops and other USB-enabled devices, allowing for seamless incorporation into their setups.

The Audio Sync feature ensures tight synchronization with external hardware, making it effortless to integrate drum machines, synths, and other outboard gear into performances.

Additionally, the Xone:96’s return channels and second cue feature enable DJs to integrate external effects units and monitor multiple sources simultaneously. The harmonic distortion effect adds a layer of creativity for blending and shaping sounds, while the four-band EQ provides precise control over the mix. The Xone:96’s compatibility with a variety of software and hardware, along with its integration features, empowers DJs to craft unique and innovative performances with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which DJs Use XONE 96?

Top DJs and renowned artists choose the XONE 96 as their professional choice of mixer. This iconic equipment is a popular and industry standard performance gear, favored for its versatility and reliability, making it a top tier mixer among acclaimed performers.

Is XONE 96 Analog or Digital?

The Xone 96 combines analog warmth with digital versatility, offering high-quality sound and seamless connectivity for laptops, CDJs, turntables, and synths. Its user-friendly interface and performance capabilities make it a top choice for DJs.

Why Xone:92?

When considering mixers, you want exceptional sound and build quality, versatile connectivity, performance features, and long-term reliability. The Xone:92 excels in these areas, making it a solid choice for those seeking top-tier analog performance.

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