Numark Scratch Review

If you’re a DJ looking for a versatile and reliable mixer, the Numark Scratch may pique your interest. Picture this: a compact, all-metal mixer that seamlessly integrates with Serato DJ Pro, providing access to a range of advanced functions.

But does it deliver on its promises?

As you explore the key features, performance analysis, build quality, software compatibility, and value for money, you’ll gain valuable insights into whether the Numark Scratch is the right choice for your DJ setup.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Numark Scratch offers precise transitions and scratching techniques with its InnoFader crossfader, comparable to leading systems like Pioneer DJ.
  • Its multiple inputs and outputs provide flexibility for connecting various audio sources, and the three-band EQ on each channel allows for customized sound control.
  • The mixer seamlessly integrates with Serato DJ software, offering intuitive control and direct access to essential functions like Cue, Sample, and Loop Roll.
  • With its durable all-metal construction, compact size, and affordable price, the Numark Scratch is a reliable and portable option for DJs, especially those looking for a budget-friendly setup.

Key Features

The Numark Scratch boasts a range of key features that set it apart in the realm of DJ equipment. As a DJ mixer, it offers a high level of functionality and performance. One standout feature is its InnoFader crossfader, renowned for its precision and durability. This ensures seamless transitions between tracks and allows for intricate scratching techniques.

The mixer also includes a variety of inputs and outputs, providing flexibility for connecting various audio sources and routing the audio signal as needed. Additionally, the Numark Scratch is equipped with a three-band EQ on each channel, allowing for precise control over the audio frequencies. This level of customization ensures that DJs can fine-tune their sound to perfection.

The attention to detail in the design and functionality of the Numark Scratch makes it a compelling choice for DJs who prioritize innovation and versatility in their equipment. Whether in a live performance or studio setting, these features contribute to a dynamic and responsive mixing experience.

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Performance Analysis

Entering the realm of performance analysis, you’ll now uncover the intricacies of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Numark Scratch system.

When compared to other leading systems such as Pioneer DJ, the Numark Scratch holds its own in terms of performance. The integration with Serato DJ software provides a seamless experience, allowing for intuitive control and manipulation of tracks. The sound quality is crisp and precise, ensuring that every scratch and mix is delivered with utmost clarity.

One of the standout features that significantly impacts performance is the crossfader curve adjustment. This function allows for precise customization of the crossfader, catering to individual preferences and enhancing overall control. Additionally, the performance pads offer responsive and tactile feedback, enabling dynamic and expressive performances.

In performance analysis, the Numark Scratch demonstrates commendable responsiveness and low latency, crucial for live performances and studio sessions alike. Its efficient utilization of resources ensures smooth operation even under demanding conditions.

Build Quality

Delivering durability and ruggedness, the Numark Scratch Mixer boasts a durable all-metal construction, ensuring longevity and reliability for your performances. Its build quality is evident in its compact size and weight, making it easily portable for gigs and events while maintaining sturdiness.

This mixer integrates seamlessly with Serato DJ, offering a simple setup process to unlock its full potential as a DVS mixer. The high-quality components, such as the Innofader crossfader, contribute to its solid build and reliability.

Furthermore, the Numark Scratch Mixer features hardware FX and filter effects, enhancing its overall build quality. These additions not only provide creative options for performances but also showcase the mixer’s robust design to handle these features seamlessly.

The inclusion of a sound card further demonstrates Numark’s commitment to offering the latest products with top-notch build quality at a competitive price point.

Software Compatibility

Demonstrating its seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, the Numark Scratch Mixer’s software compatibility enhances its functionality and performance capabilities within various audio setups. The mixer is specifically designed to work in harmony with Serato DJ Pro as a DVS mixer, ensuring that scratch DJs and performers have access to the full range of features and functions within the software. By serving as a dongle to unlock Serato DJ Pro, the Numark Scratch Mixer provides direct access to essential Serato functions such as Cue, Sample, and Loop Roll, empowering users to take full advantage of the software’s capabilities. Additionally, the mixer’s compatibility with Serato control vinyl and a laptop streamlines the setup process, allowing for a straightforward and efficient workflow.

The Numark Scratch Mixer’s hardware filter effect for external sources further expands its compatibility within different software setups, enabling seamless integration with a variety of audio sources. This level of compatibility with Serato DJ Pro makes the Numark Scratch Mixer a highly recommended choice for DJs and performers who prioritize innovation and seek to push the boundaries of their creative expression within the Serato environment.

Key FeaturesDescription
Serato IntegrationSeamlessly integrates with Serato DJ Pro as a DVS mixer, unlocking access to essential Serato functions.
Streamlined SetupCompatibility with Serato control vinyl and a laptop ensures a straightforward and efficient setup.
Hardware Filter EffectEnhances compatibility with external audio sources, expanding functionality within different software setups.
Recommended for DJsHighly recommended for scratch DJs and performers seeking innovative capabilities within the Serato environment.

Value for Money

Offering outstanding value for money at an affordable price of $488 / £459 / €469, the Numark Scratch Mixer is a compelling choice for battle DJs and scratching enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance with Serato DJ Pro. At this price point, you get a two-channel mixer with a dedicated mic channel, providing great fun and functionality for your performances. The mixer’s robust design and 24-bit sound card contribute to its overall value for money, ensuring that it performs really well even during intense scratching sessions.

When considering the overall investment for a DJ setup, the Numark Scratch Mixer stands out as a budget-friendly yet high-quality option. Its competitive pricing, especially when bundled with two Numark NTX1000 turntables, makes it an attractive choice for DJs looking for a complete setup without breaking the bank. Furthermore, its durable all-metal construction adds to its long-term value, ensuring that it remains a reliable and integral part of your setup for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Scratch Mixer?

If you want the best scratch mixer, prioritize features like responsive crossfaders, customizable pads, and precise EQ controls. Consider mixers with robust Serato integration, durable build, and FX options for DJ competitions and turntable setups.

Which DJ Mixer Is the Best?

When comparing DJ mixers, consider scratch performance, price range, user interface, connectivity options, and sound quality. Look for a mixer that offers intuitive controls, high-quality sound, and diverse connectivity options for maximum flexibility.

Does Numark Scratch Come With Serato DJ Pro?

Yes, the Numark Scratch features full compatibility with Serato DJ Pro, seamlessly integrating with the software. Its performance capabilities make it stand out in mixer comparison, especially for scratch techniques. It’s an excellent choice for Serato users.

Does Numark Scratch Work With Virtual Dj?

Yes, the Numark Scratch mixer is compatible with Virtual DJ. It offers seamless software integration, allowing for smooth controller mapping and excellent performance. Users have reported a positive user experience and find the mixer’s functionality to be top-notch.


The Numark Scratch is a top-notch DJ mixer that offers exceptional performance and functionality, especially when used with Serato DJ Pro.

Its durable all-metal construction, seamless integration with software, and competitive pricing make it a highly recommended option for battle DJs.

With features comparable to higher-priced mixers, our overall Numark Scratch review showed it provides excellent value for money and is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable DVS mixer.