Pioneer DJM-750 MK2 Review

When it comes to the DJM-750MK2, it’s like having a versatile and reliable partner in your DJ journey. The sleek and professional design of this mixer sets the stage for what lies beneath its surface.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the DJM-750MK2 offers a range of features and capabilities that cater to your specific needs. From its connectivity options to its intuitive controls, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to this mixer.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive review that dives into its design, performance, and value, you’ll want to stick around for what’s in store. Or check out our take on the best DJ mixers out now.

Key Takeaways

  • Solid and durable metal chassis for long-term reliability and lasting value.
  • Professional FX with detailed control and precision, including Sound Color FX and Beat FX.
  • Integration with Rekordbox for seamless control and manipulation of tracks, as well as compatibility with various DJ software.
  • Multiple input and output options, independent send/return feature, and support for hardware effects units for flexibility and versatility.

Design and Build Quality

The DJM-750MK2 features a solid and durable metal chassis, ensuring its ability to withstand heavy use in various DJ environments. This build quality is a key factor for professional DJs who require equipment that can endure the demands of regular performances.

The compact size and weight of 6.6kg make it a portable and convenient option for DJs on the move. The sleek and professional appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any setup, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the DJ booth.

The mixer section is designed with a focus on professional-grade functionality, featuring four channels with a comprehensive range of controls. The inclusion of EQ, Sound Color FX, and volume faders provides DJs with extensive mixing capabilities, allowing for precise control over the sound output.

The independent Send/Return channel further enhances the mixer’s versatility, enabling flexible connectivity with external effects processors or iOS devices. This level of control over the auxiliary signal is essential for DJs who seek to elevate their performances with unique and personalized sound effects.

Performance and Features

Boasting professional-grade layout and advanced features, the DJM-750MK2 delivers exceptional performance for discerning DJs. The mixer’s professional FX offer detailed control and precision, with Sound Color FX and Beat FX providing a wide range of creative options.

Additionally, the independent send/return feature allows for seamless integration of different types of FX units, enhancing versatility during performances. The 64-bit digital signal processor ensures professional sound quality, while the smooth EQs and faders, along with the Magvel crossfader inspired by the DJM-900NXS2, offer a precise response and assured feel.

With its integration with Rekordbox, the DJM-750MK2 allows for seamless control and manipulation of tracks, providing DJs with a powerful tool for crafting dynamic and engaging sets. The combination of these features makes the DJM-750MK2 a standout choice for DJs seeking a reliable and innovative mixer that delivers professional-grade performance and advanced features for a seamless and creative mixing experience.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Featuring seamless integration with the Pioneer DJ ecosystem and compatibility with various DJ software, the DJM-750MK2 offers extensive connectivity and flexibility for diverse setups and equipment.

The mixer is compatible with Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS, allowing you to connect the controller and enjoy low-latency scratching with CDJs.

Additionally, the DJM-750MK2 thanks to the Magvel crossfader inherited from the DJM-900NXS, offers smooth and precise fader control for seamless transitions.

It also supports connectivity with hardware effects units through independent Send/Return channels, providing extensive control over auxiliary signals and enabling mixes with professional FX.

The mixer’s Send/Return feature allows you to connect external effects processors or iOS devices, expanding creative possibilities and enhancing your performance.

Multiple input and output options provide flexibility for various setups and equipment, while compatibility with various DJ software ensures that you can use your preferred software with the DJM-750MK2.

With the bundled Rekordbox DVS, the DJM-750MK2 offers a comprehensive package for DJs looking for advanced connectivity and compatibility in their setups.

User Interface and Controls

With its professional layout and seamless integration with the Pioneer DJ ecosystem, the DJM-750MK2 presents an intuitive user interface and precise controls designed to elevate your mixing experience.

The user interface and controls of the DJM-750MK2 offer several innovative features:

  • Sound Color FX and Beat FX provide a wide range of creative options for manipulating sound.
  • Effects units combine Sound Color FX and Beat FX, offering versatile and dynamic control over your music.
  • EQs and channel faders deliver a precise response, allowing for seamless adjustments and tailored sound shaping.
  • The inclusion of FX and Beat FX enhances the creative possibilities and adds depth to your mixes.
  • The DJM-750MK2 comes bundled with a rekordbox dj licence key, providing access to professional FX inherited from the DJM-900NXS2.

These features combine to deliver a user interface and control system that empowers DJs to craft innovative and captivating mixes while maintaining precise command over their sound.

Value for Money

The Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 offers a compelling combination of professional club-style features and high-quality performance elements from the DJM-900NXS2, making it a valuable investment for DJs seeking both affordability and functionality. It inherits and combines Sound Color FX from the DJM-900NXS2, ensuring precise response and assured performance to help you perform seamless mixes. Additionally, the inclusion of a DJ license key bundled with the mixer provides the freedom to be creative and customize your setup, adding significant value for money. The mixer’s compatibility with various DJ software further enhances its value, allowing you to simply activate your license key for our DJ. Moreover, its durable build and professional layout ensure long-term reliability, providing lasting value for your investment. Here’s a breakdown of the key value-added features of the Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2:

Key Value-Added Features
Inherited Sound Color FXPrecise response and assured performance for seamless mixes
DJ Licence Key BundledFreedom to be creative and customize your setup
Compatibility with DJ SoftwareSimply activate your license key for our DJ
Durable BuildLong-term reliability, ensuring lasting value for your investment

The Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 undoubtedly delivers exceptional value for money with its professional-grade features and performance capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did the DJM 750 Mk2 Come Out?

The Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 was released on August 1, 2017. It boasts a professional club-style layout, NXS2 effects, and compatibility with Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS. Its design elements and performance capabilities make it highly sought after in the industry.

Does DJM-750MK2 Work in Serato?

Yes, the DJM-750MK2 works seamlessly with Serato, offering excellent mixer compatibility and software integration. With a professional layout, input options, and effects control, it delivers outstanding Serato performance, output flexibility, and user-friendly interface.

Does DJM 750 Work With Rekordbox?

Yes, the DJM 750MK2 is compatible with Rekordbox, allowing seamless integration with Pioneer’s software. You can access various performance features, sound effects, and mixer connectivity options, enhancing your user experience. Additionally, firmware updates and tech support ensure optimal software integration.

What Is the Sound Quality of Pioneer DJ Mixer?

The Pioneer DJ mixer delivers exceptional audio fidelity, boasting top-notch sound clarity and dynamics. Its advanced signal processing, precise equalizer settings, and versatile input/output options ensure outstanding mixer performance and a wide frequency response, making it a top choice for audiophiles.


Thanks for reading our Pioneer DJ DJM-750 MK2 review. It is a solid choice for professional DJs looking for a versatile and reliable mixer.

With its durable construction, seamless integration with DJ software, and a range of effects and connectivity options, it offers great value for money.

The user interface and controls are intuitive, making it easy to operate during performances.

Overall, the DJM-750MK2 is a professional-grade mixer that delivers on both performance and quality.