Pioneer DJM-800 Review

You know the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’? When it comes to the Pioneer DJM-800 mixer, this adage rings true for many DJs.

The DJM-800 has gained a solid reputation in the industry for its user-friendly layout and quality effects.

However, as with any product, there are both praises and criticisms surrounding this mixer.

Before you make a decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if the Pioneer DJM-800 is the right fit for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Intuitive layout and user-friendly design make navigation and operation easy
  • Versatile effects section with unique roll effect allows for dynamic tempo and rhythm experimentation
  • Exceptional sound quality and distortion-free experience even at maximum channel levels
  • Seamless integration with CDJ range and MIDI controls enhance compatibility and performance control

Key Features of the Pioneer DJM 800

The Pioneer DJM 800 boasts an intuitive layout that facilitates easy navigation and operation, making it a preferred choice for DJs seeking seamless control during performances.

Its key features include exceptional sound quality and an effects section that offers a range of creative possibilities. The sound quality of the DJM 800 is renowned in the industry, providing crisp and clear audio that enhances the overall listening experience.

The effects section is another standout feature, with the roll effect particularly standing out for its ability to add a unique dimension to mixing. Additionally, the per-channel high and low pass filters allow for precise and innovative track blending, giving DJs the tools to craft truly distinctive sets.

The layout of the mixer is well-designed and user-friendly, allowing for efficient access to its key features, making it a favorite choice for many performers.

Whether it’s the superior sound quality, the versatile effects section, or the intuitive layout, the Pioneer DJM 800 excels in providing innovative tools for DJs to elevate their performances.

Sound Quality and Performance

Exhibiting exceptional sound quality and consistent performance, the Pioneer DJM-800 offers a versatile and reliable toolset for DJs.

  1. The DJM-800 is known for its high quality sound effects and seamless performance. It maintains sound quality even when both channels are at maximum during a mix, ensuring a distortion-free experience for both the DJ and the audience.
  2. While the mixer excels in most areas, some users have noted that turntables may sound weak through the DJM-800, with harsh highs and a lack of low end. This is an important consideration for DJs who heavily rely on turntables for their performances.
  3. The LED display for effects is a significant improvement, enhancing the overall performance of the mixer. It provides clear and intuitive visual feedback, allowing DJs to easily manipulate and control the sound effects during their sets.
  4. Despite its relatively high price, many consider the DJM-800 to be worth the investment, as it holds its value well over time. Its exceptional sound quality and performance make it a sought-after DJ mixer in the industry.

User-Friendly Interface and Controls

Featuring an intuitive layout designed for easy navigation and operation, the DJM800 offers a user-friendly interface and controls that enhance the overall mixing experience for DJs. The mixer’s well-designed interface allows for effortless access to a wide range of features, ensuring that you can focus on the sound without getting bogged down by complex controls. The Color FX section enables you to creatively manipulate the sound with a high degree of precision, adding a new layer of excitement to your mixes. The per-channel high and low pass filters further enhance your control over individual tracks, allowing for seamless blending and transitions. The roll effect adds a dynamic element to your mixes, enabling you to experiment with tempo and rhythm in real time. The DJM800’s user-friendly interface and controls empower you to unleash your creativity and fully immerse yourself in the art of mixing.

Intuitive LayoutEasy navigation and operationEnhanced user experience
Color FXPrecision sound manipulationCreative control over the mix
High/Low Pass FiltersUnique track blendingSeamless transitions and blending
Roll EffectDynamic tempo and rhythm experimentationInnovative and dynamic mixing

Connectivity Options and Compatibility

With its versatile connectivity options and compatibility features, the Pioneer DJM800 seamlessly integrates with various music sources and external devices, expanding its utility for different DJing styles and setups. Here’s how the connectivity options and compatibility of the Pioneer DJM800 enhance its performance:

  1. CDJ Range Compatibility: The Pioneer DJM800 is designed to seamlessly integrate with the CDJ range, allowing for a cohesive setup and streamlined performance control.
  2. MIDI Controls: The inclusion of MIDI controls enhances the mixer’s compatibility with a wide range of MIDI-enabled devices, providing flexibility and customization options for DJs.
  3. High-Quality Audio Processing: The 4-channel mixer’s impressive frequency and color depth of 96 kHz/24-bit ensures compatibility with high-quality audio sources, catering to the demands of professional audio processing.
  4. Versatile Input and Output Options: The mixer’s compatibility with various input and output options, such as XLR, symmetrical jack, and asymmetrical jack connections, provides flexibility for different audio setups, ensuring seamless connectivity with external devices and sound systems.

The Pioneer DJM800’s compatibility and connectivity options make it a versatile and adaptable choice for DJs seeking innovation and performance excellence.

Value for Money: Is It Worth It?

Considering the diverse perspectives on the Pioneer DJM-800’s value proposition, it’s essential to delve into its features and long-term benefits to ascertain its worth in the professional DJing landscape.

The DJM-800, renowned for being the first mixer to incorporate built-in effects, offers exceptional value for money due to its innovative features. The mixer’s effects, including delay, echo, and reverb, provide DJs with the ability to elevate their performances, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enhance their sets.

Moreover, the DJM-800’s superior sound quality and reliability contribute to its long-term value, as it’s designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. While the initial cost of the DJM-800 may seem high compared to other options, its durable construction and lasting performance justify the investment.

Many users believe that the mixer’s ability to hold its value over time further solidifies its status as a sound investment for professional DJs.

Therefore, when considering the value for money, the Pioneer DJM-800 emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a mixer with innovative features, exceptional sound quality, and long-term durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Effects of DJM 800?

The effects of the DJM 800 offer a versatile range of creative possibilities. With per-channel high and low pass filters and the roll effect, you can elevate your performance capabilities while enhancing the user experience with intuitive controls.

Are Pioneer Mixers Any Good?

Pioneer mixers are top-notch. They set the industry standard with innovative performance features. When comparing mixers, their user experience, intuitive layout, and high-quality effects make them stand out.

What Is the Sound Quality of Pioneer Dj?

You’ll find that Pioneer DJ equipment sets the industry standard for high fidelity sound. The audio performance of their mixers is unmatched, making them the go-to choice for professional grade equipment that incorporates innovative technology.

Is the DJM-700 a Good Mixer?

When comparing mixers, it’s important to consider pros and cons, user experience, reliability, performance features, and price point. Industry reputation and customer feedback also play a crucial role in making an informed decision.


Thanks for reading our Pioneer DJM-800 review. This piece offers a range of key features, intuitive controls, and decent connectivity options.

However, some users have reported concerns about sound quality and durability issues with the faders.

While it’s considered a club standard mixer, it may be on the pricier side compared to other options in the market.

Ultimately, its value for money may depend on individual preferences and experiences.