Rane Seventy Review

You’re in search of a reliable and versatile battle mixer that can elevate your DJ sets to the next level, and the Rane Seventy has been making waves in the industry. Its textured black steel construction and Magfade Four series faders are just the beginning of what sets this mixer apart.

But what about its performance features, sound quality, and effects capabilities? And let’s not forget the inputs and outputs – are they as impressive as they sound?

As you explore the intricacies of the Rane Seventy, you’ll find out if this really is one of the best dj mixers and how it compares to other choices.

Build and Design

With its sturdy all-metal construction and scratch-resistant finish, the Rane Seventy mixer ensures durability and reliability for professional use. Rane’s build quality is evident in the original Rane Seventy, designed to withstand the demands of intense performances. The build and design of the Rane Seventy reflects the brand’s commitment to creating gear that can handle the rigors of the DJ world.

Rane has a long history of producing mixers known for their robust construction, and the Rane Seventy lives up to this reputation. The sleek and modern design of the Rane Seventy showcases Rane’s dedication to innovation, offering a cleaner and more intuitive layout compared to its predecessor, the Seventy-Two. This ensures that DJs can focus on their craft without being hindered by a complicated interface.

Furthermore, the Rane Seventy retains essential features and connections from the Seventy-Two while making improvements in design and functionality. This demonstrates Rane’s ability to listen to user feedback and adapt their products for better user experience. Overall, the build and design of the Rane Seventy embody the brand’s legacy of creating top-quality, reliable DJ mixers.

Rane Seventy Product Shot

Performance Features

Enhance your DJ sets with the Rane Seventy’s impressive array of performance features, designed to elevate your creativity and control during live performances. The Rane Seventy mixer is packed with innovative performance features that empower DJs to push the boundaries of their sets. The OLED display provides clear effects information, ensuring easy navigation and control during performances. The six Flex effects, including echo, reverb, and brake, offer a wide range of creative options, allowing you to craft new and original sounds seamlessly.

The high-quality performance pads with 16 functions provide precise control and manipulation of tracks, enhancing your ability to create dynamic and engaging performances. Additionally, the instant doubles button, transport controls, and looping capabilities make for efficient and seamless transitions between tracks, ensuring a smooth and captivating experience for your audience. The post-fader effects and tap button for fine-tuning effects timing further enhance your control and precision, enabling you to deliver flawless mixes and elevate your performance to new heights.

Performance FeaturesDescription
OLED DisplayClear effects information for easy navigation during performances
Flex EffectsSix creative options, including echo, reverb, and brake, for crafting new and original sounds
Performance PadsHigh-quality pads with 16 functions for seamless control and manipulation of tracks
Instant Doubles ButtonEfficient and dynamic performances with the ability for instant doubles
Post-Fader EffectsEnhanced control and precision with post-fader effects and tap button for fine-tuning timing

Sound Quality and Effects

Elevating your live performances with its impressive array of performance features, the Rane Seventy also delivers exceptional sound quality and effects tailored to A-Trak’s specifications for an impactful audio experience.

The mixer integrates seamlessly with Serato software effects while also offering hardware effects for added versatility. The center effect section provides a range of customizable effects such as Echo, Reverb, and Brake, enabling creative sound manipulation.

Notably, the introduction of Fader FX replaces the Delay effect, offering Filter, Roll effect, Pitch modulator, and Ring modulator for diverse performance capabilities, allowing you to craft unique and dynamic sounds.

Moreover, the latest MAG4 contactless faders and customizable tension levels ensure smooth cutting capability and consistent sound quality.

The Rane Seventy’s build quality is designed for professional use, featuring a sturdy all-metal construction and scratch-resistant finish, ensuring durability and reliability during intense performances.

This mixer, in conjunction with the Rane Twelve, sets a new standard for DJ mixers, presenting innovative sound quality and effects tailored to elevate your performance to new heights.

Inputs and Outputs

The Rane Seventy mixer provides a comprehensive range of inputs and outputs, including XLR, 1/4, and RCA connections, as well as dedicated volume knobs and USB ports. This connectivity versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate various audio sources and devices, enhancing your DJ setup with advanced functionality. The table below outlines the key inputs and outputs of the Rane Seventy mixer, showcasing its adaptability and potential for innovation in your performances.

Type of ConnectionFeatures
XLRProfessional-grade balanced audio inputs
1/4Versatile connections for instruments
RCAStandardized audio jacks for flexibility
USB PortsSeamless integration with Serato
Volume KnobsPrecise control over audio levels

The Rane Seventy mixer’s inputs and outputs are designed to cater to the modern DJ’s diverse needs, offering the flexibility to incorporate various audio sources, including microphones, instruments, and external devices. Additionally, the inclusion of USB ports ensures seamless integration with Serato, allowing you to harness the power of digital effects and software capabilities. Whether you’re manipulating audio effects, adjusting faders, or incorporating a microphone, the Rane Seventy mixer’s inputs and outputs empower you to elevate your performances with unparalleled versatility and precision.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Rane Seventy Mixer offers a streamlined and intuitive design, making it a compelling choice for DJs who prioritize functionality and performance quality. The Rane Seventy-Two Mixer has set a high standard in the industry, and the Rane Seventy continues this tradition while addressing concerns about complexity.

The new design, along with the addition of innovative hardware and fader effects, brings a fresh edge to the battle mixer category. Rane’s commitment to improvement is evident in the Rane Seventy-Two MKII, showcasing lighter MAG4 faders and enhanced software upgrades.

The Rane Seventy’s well-built, intuitive interface makes it an ideal option for DJs seeking simplicity and quality in a DJ mixer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming DJ, the Rane Seventy offers a range of performance features and connectivity options.

With the inclusion of effects controls and the renowned Serato DJ software, the Rane Seventy is poised to elevate your DJ experience to new heights. Rane’s dedication to providing top-tier equipment continues to shine through in the Rane Seventy, making it an exciting addition to the DJ mixer market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Rane?

Rane, founded by Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn, has a rich history of innovation in audio technology. Their products, known for quality and durability, have made a significant impact in the industry. With global presence and strategic partnerships, Rane continues to shape the future of professional audio.

What Does Rane Do?

Rane products offer cutting-edge DJ equipment with innovative technology. As an industry leader, they provide high-quality, reliable professional mixers and performance gear, making them a go-to for top-notch audio solutions.

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