Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ Review

If you’re in the market for a new DJ cartridge, the Ortofon Concorde MKII might just be the needle in the haystack you’ve been searching for.

With its sleek design and precision engineering, it’s like the Swiss army knife of DJ cartridges.

But before you jump into the mix, there are a few things you should know about its performance and compatibility that might just sway your decision. Check out our other top picks for best dj cartridges and needles.

Design and Build Quality

When holding the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge, you immediately sense the meticulous craftsmanship and robust construction that sets it apart from other cartridges in its class. This cartridge is designed to be a perfect fit for the modern DJ turntable, with its sleek, aerodynamic lines and a solid build that exudes quality. The Concorde MKII isn’t just a tool for playing music; it’s a precision instrument that enhances your performance.

The unique shape of the Concorde MKII not only looks stunning but also serves a practical purpose. Its streamlined design reduces the possibility of unwanted vibrations and ensures that the tracking force is distributed evenly, resulting in a more stable and accurate sound reproduction. This is crucial for DJs who require precision and reliability during live performances.

The build quality of the Concorde MKII is exemplary. The materials used aren’t only durable but also lightweight, ensuring that the cartridge doesn’t add unnecessary burden to your turntable’s tonearm. The attention to detail in the construction is evident, with every component designed to withstand the rigors of DJing while maintaining optimal performance.

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Sound Performance

With exceptional sound quality and precise tracking capabilities, the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge delivers a balanced output of 6mV, ensuring remarkable transparency across the sonic spectrum. This means that whether you’re spinning vinyl in a club, at a festival, or in a scratch battle, the Concorde MKII DJ cartridge provides outstanding sound reproduction with minimal distortion, allowing the nuances of your music to shine through with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

The improved tracking and accurate sound reproduction of the Concorde MKII DJ cartridge make it an excellent choice for DJs who demand the highest performance from their equipment. With very low record wear and outstanding rigidity, this cartridge is well-suited for live performances and scratch applications, ensuring that every beat and scratch is faithfully reproduced without compromise.

The spherical stylus and balanced cantilever of the Concorde MKII DJ cartridge contribute to its exceptional sound performance, providing not only rigidity but also reliability in various setups. With a recommended load resistance of 47kOhm and recommended load capacitance of 200-600pF, this cartridge offers compatibility with a wide range of equipment, ensuring that you can achieve consistent, high-quality sound in any DJ environment.

Tracking and Stability

The exceptional sound performance of the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge sets the stage for a discussion of its tracking and stability, essential elements that ensure precision and reliability during your DJ performances. When it comes to tracking, the Concorde MKII DJ excels in maintaining a consistent and accurate needle contact with the vinyl, even under demanding conditions. This is crucial for DJs who rely on precise tracking to maintain the integrity of their mixes, especially during complex scratch techniques and heavy bass passages. The Concorde’s elliptical stylus contributes to its outstanding tracking ability, allowing for a more extensive contact area with the record groove, resulting in improved tracing of the record’s grooves and minimized distortion.

Moreover, stability is paramount for any DJ cartridge, and the Concorde MKII DJ delivers on this front. Its robust construction and optimized weight distribution ensure that it stays firmly in place, even when subjected to heavy vibrations and movements. This stability is further enhanced by its low-resonance body, which effectively minimizes unwanted vibrations that could affect the cartridge’s performance. Whether you’re performing in a club environment with powerful sound systems or in a mobile DJ setup where vibrations are inevitable, the Concorde MKII DJ’s stability ensures that your cartridge remains unfazed, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional performance without worrying about tracking issues.

Compatibility and Mounting

For DJs utilizing turntables with removable headshells, the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge offers seamless compatibility and straightforward mounting, ensuring a hassle-free integration into your setup. The cartridge is designed to be compatible with all DJ turntables featuring a removable headshell, making it a versatile choice for modern turntable DJs. This compatibility ensures that DJs can easily incorporate the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge into their existing setup without the need for additional modifications or adjustments.

When it comes to mounting, the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge is engineered for easy installation. The streamlined mounting process ensures that DJs can quickly and securely attach the cartridge to their turntables, minimizing setup time and allowing them to focus on their performances. This user-friendly mounting mechanism is designed to provide a reliable and stable connection between the cartridge and the turntable, reducing the risk of disconnection or misalignment during intense DJ sessions.

In addition, Ortofon offers replacement parts such as the Stylus CC MKII DJ, allowing for easy maintenance and prolonging the cartridge’s lifespan. This commitment to providing replacement parts further enhances the convenience and longevity of the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge, catering to the needs of DJs who prioritize equipment durability and longevity.

Overall Value and Conclusion

Building on the seamless compatibility and easy mounting process, the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridge delivers an overall value that elevates the performance and convenience for modern turntable DJs. The combination of its sleek design, exceptional sound quality, and practical features makes it a standout choice for DJs seeking a reliable and high-performing cartridge. Here’s a closer look at the overall value and conclusion of the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cart:

Sound QualityThe Ortofon Concorde MKII produces crystal-clear sound with excellent bass response, making it ideal for a wide range of music genres.
DurabilityBuilt with robust materials, the cartridge is designed to withstand the rigors of DJing, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
ConvenienceWith its easy mounting system and replaceable stylus, the Concorde MKII offers DJs a hassle-free experience, allowing for quick setup and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ortofon Cartridge Is Best?

When comparing cartridges for your DJ equipment and turntable accessories, consider the Ortofon Concorde MKII Mix and Club for budget-friendly, high-quality options. Their enhanced performance and wider soundstage make them stand out.

Are All Ortofon Concorde Cartridges the Same?

Not all Ortofon Concorde cartridges are the same. Each model offers unique features, compatibility options, and performance differences. When comparing them, consider the tracking ability, sound quality, and design enhancements to find the best fit for your needs.

What Is the Difference Between Ortofon Concorde Scratch and Club?

In the cartridge comparison between Ortofon Concorde Scratch and Club, the performance differences are significant. The Scratch is budget-friendly with impressive tracking, while the Club offers enhanced audio performance, catering to different user preferences.

Where Are Ortofon Stylus Made?

Ortofon stylus are made in Denmark by the Danish manufacturer. Their meticulous manufacturing process ensures precision and top-notch performance. Quality control is paramount, resulting in reliable and durable stylus for their wide range of cartridges.


Overall, the Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ cartridges offer exceptional performance and sound quality, making them a worthy investment for any DJ or vinyl enthusiast.

With impressive tracking ability, high-quality sound, and improved overall value, these cartridges are a great choice for enhancing your vinyl listening experience.

Whether you choose the budget-friendly Mix option or the high-quality Club option, you can’t go wrong as shown in our Ortofon Concorde MKII DJ review.