Gemini MDJ-900 Review

You’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding the Gemini MDJ-900.

Now it’s time to explore whether this USB media player lives up to the hype.

With a plethora of features and a promise of seamless mixing, this device has piqued the interest of DJs and music enthusiasts alike.

But does it truly deliver on its promises?

Let’s delve into the details and find out if the MDJ-900 is the game-changer it claims to be. Also check out our other top picks for best dj cd players.

Unboxing and Design

When unboxing the Gemini MDJ-900, you’ll immediately appreciate the compact yet professional design, featuring an 8′ touch-sensitive screen and jog wheel that exemplify its technical prowess and sleek aesthetics. The USB media capability allows for easy access to your digital music library, eliminating the need for external software.

Additionally, the player can seamlessly connect up to 4 units, offering the flexibility to create dynamic and layered mixes with tempo matching. This design encourages experimentation and creativity, providing an ideal platform for DJs who seek professional features in a value-for-money purchase. The sturdy construction and intuitive layout enhance the user experience, making it easy to navigate through tracks and manipulate sound.

With expert customer support, including free shipping and returns, Gemini ensures that you’re equipped with professional assistance and a satisfaction guarantee. The MDJ-900’s design not only meets the demands of modern DJs but also serves as a gateway for crafting unique mixes, allowing individuals to express their style and elevate their mixing experience to new heights.


Key Features and Performance

Gemini MDJ-900 boasts an array of key features and delivers exceptional performance, making it a compelling choice for DJs seeking professional capabilities at a reasonable price.

As a USB media player, the MDJ-900 offers a compact design with professional features, allowing seamless mixing without the need for external software. Its 8′ touch-sensitive screen and jog wheel provide intuitive control, while the ability to connect up to 4 players with tempo matching makes it ideal for creating complex mixes on the fly.

With no external software required, the MDJ-900 offers an effortless mixing experience for DJs. The large touch-sensitive jog wheel and link and sync modes further enhance the mixing experience.

Priced at $399.95, the MDJ-900 offers good value for money, catering to DJs seeking professional capabilities without breaking the bank. Additionally, the MDJ-900 serves as a gateway for crafting unique mixes, encouraging experimentation and creativity, and enabling DJs to express their unique style.

User Interface and Navigation

Boasting an 8′ touch-sensitive screen and jog wheel, the Gemini MDJ-900’s user interface and navigation system offer intuitive control and seamless mixing capabilities without relying on external software.

The large touch-sensitive jog wheel and browse mode display make it easy to navigate through your media, allowing for quick and efficient access to your tracks. Additionally, the player supports tempo matching, ensuring smooth transitions between songs and enhancing your mixing experience.

The MDJ-900’s Link mode enables music sharing and synchronization of deck tempos, providing a versatile and interactive navigation experience. The player’s ability to connect up to 4 players further facilitates easy navigation and synchronization, allowing you to seamlessly mix and transition between tracks without any external dependencies.

With the option to use a USB stick or DJ software, the MDJ-900’s user interface and navigation system provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, giving you full control over your mixing and media navigation.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Featuring versatile connectivity options and advanced compatibility capabilities, the Gemini MDJ-900 offers seamless integration with various audio sources and software. With USB media and Ethernet connectivity, the MDJ-900 provides flexible options for DJs to access and play their music.

The ability to connect up to 4 players with tempo matching ensures a smooth and synchronized performance experience. Additionally, the LINK mode allows multiple players to share music and perform in sync, enhancing collaborative DJ sessions.

The MDJ-900’s support for MIDI controller capabilities further expands its connectivity options, enabling DJs to seamlessly integrate the unit with their preferred software and hardware setups. Its multi-format compatibility ensures that DJs can effortlessly integrate various audio sources and software into their performances, catering to the diverse needs of modern DJ setups.

These advanced connectivity and compatibility features make the MDJ-900 a powerful tool for experienced DJs seeking innovative and high-performance capabilities in their setups.

Value for Money

With its competitive pricing and comprehensive professional features, the Gemini MDJ-900 presents a compelling value proposition for DJs looking to elevate their performance setup without breaking the bank. Here are the reasons why the MDJ-900 offers excellent value for money:

  1. Professional Features at Affordable Price: Priced at $399.95, the MDJ-900 provides standard CDJ functions comparable to Pioneer installations in clubs, making it an attractive option for DJs seeking professional features at an affordable price.
  2. Cost-Effective Investment for Beginners: Ideal for beginners on a budget, the MDJ-900 offers a reliable and versatile performance, making it a cost-effective investment for aspiring DJs who want to access advanced functionalities without a hefty price tag.
  3. Ongoing Value through Updates and Versatility: The continuous updates addressing user feedback and bug fixes ensure that users receive ongoing value from their purchase. Additionally, its ability to connect up to 4 players via Ethernet or LAN offers versatility and advanced functionalities, making it a worthwhile investment for DJs seeking professional features.

The MDJ-900’s combination of features, affordability, and continuous updates makes it a compelling choice for DJs seeking innovation and value for money in a MIDI controller with touch-sensitive jog wheel capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gemini a Good Brand?

Gemini is a good brand known for quality products, high customer satisfaction, and a solid brand reputation. They consistently meet industry standards, making them a reliable choice for innovative and reliable DJ equipment.


Thanks for reading this Gemini MDJ-900 review. The CD player for DJs is a top-notch USB media player that delivers exceptional performance and versatility for DJs.

With its intuitive user interface, seamless connectivity, and impressive tempo matching capabilities, this player offers great value for the price.

Whether you’re a professional DJ or a hobbyist, the MDJ-900 is a reliable and feature-packed device that will elevate your mixing experience.