Audio Technica AT-LP1240 Turntable Review

Audio Technica AT-LP1240 Review

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You may just be dipping your toes into the professional Djs world or upgrading your current player and are probably looking at different turntables from which to choose. In the search for the best turntable, the Audio-Technica AT-LP1240 must be one of the turntables on your radar.  The question remains, is it really worth your attention? The flat out answer to this question is, YES. The AT-LP1240 is a dynamic turntable for entry-level DJs. We are more than pleased to help you decide why this is one of the best turntables to spend your money.


The AT-LP1240 stands out from its competitor’s right from the start. It has a weighted aluminum tonearm that has an s-shape. This helps to increase the tracking accuracy. To ensure that you never drop the needle on the record too heavily, the tonearm is fitted with a lift-control lever with hydraulics.

Audio Technica AT LP 1240 DJ Turntable

Further, the tonearm contains measures to enable you to control the amount of downward pressure which is applied on the vinyl. This control is done by an anti-skating and counterweight feature on the tonearm. These features will be proving quite useful when you’re looking to do some heavy scratching. Besides, they serve a great purpose in enhancing the audio accuracy.

The best feature of the tonearm is the mechanism to adjust the height. Let me explain why this is the best feature. Looking at all records, they come in different weights, maybe 180g or 200g. Older records can weigh as little as 80g. Basically, the difference in weight of the records means that different amounts of pressure will be applied to them by the needle. The mechanism to adjust the height enables you to control the downward pressure thus producing a purer audio experience.

The only downside to the tonearm of the AT-LP1240 is that it has been designed for DJing meaning it does not have any automatic functionality. It also needs assembling which may prove to be frustrating for pros let alone newcomers.

Platter & Motor

You need to note that most of the features on the AT-LP1240 are directed toward speed, tracking and sound accuracy. These features are vital for any DJ playing in a club as they are to that person playing in jam sessions in the basement. As such, it comes as no surprise that the platter is built of weighted-cast aluminum. To add to the decks heavy-duty and rubberized base, the decks are extremely well-balanced offering pinpoint rotational accuracy.

AT LP1240 Turntable Review

This accuracy can be measured using some strobe dots located on the platter’s edge and the reflections of the strobe light. This feature comes in handy for DJs who need to track spin control. This feature may never be needed if you are not using the decks to DJ. Anyway, the strobe dots look cool if that adds any value to you.

The platter mounts in the motor shaft directly thus meaning it is a direct drive motor. The disadvantage of this is that it results in a rumble and extra noise. However, the LP-1240s direct drive is rather quiet in comparison to other decks, and only keen ears will notice the playback noise. The direct drive has an excellent startup time taking less than a second to reach your desired spin speeds. It also provides an easy way of controlling speeds and Starts/Stop using the push buttons controls.


The LP-1240 comes ready with a built-in phono pre-amp. This means you can easily plug it straight away into an audio system whether playing in the club or at home. If anything, you can even plug it into a desktop computer. Hence, you can save yourself a lot of money since you will not need to buy an external pre-amp. One can bypass the built in pre-amp in a snap using a simple switch. This could yet be the best thing about the LP-1240.


Digital music is currently the in-thing, and thus you will need to keep up with the trend. In this quest, the AT-LP1240 features USB connectivity to enable you to digitize your vinyl collection. There are different software available for various digital records, and most of these are available for download at absolutely no cost. For this simple reason, you may want to digitize your vinyl records just to test the software.

Cartridge and Stylus

Here comes the bad news. The AT-LP1240 is a turntable which is sold separately from a cartridge. This is not going to be a problem for occasioned DJs since you possibly have a cache of cartridges available at your disposal. For those upgrading their decks, you need to be keen when purchasing the LP1240 as the cartridges can be quite expensive. The positive side is that the LP1240 comes with a universal head-shell making it easy to find a cartridge that will work for you. For fans of 78 RPM records, (which require special monophonic cartridges), it is good news to note that you can switch cartridges back and forth with ease without missing a beat.


Sound quality is the key indicator of any award-winning industry deck, and the sound quality of the AT-LP1240 is simply amazing. It allows you to fine-tune your listening experience since it is fitted with a selectable high-accuracy quartz controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control.

The AT-LP1240 has a sleek, sturdy overall feel and a high gloss finish making it the best looking deck in the Audio-Technica line. However, it is a little bigger than other average decks. This may be perfect for showing off in the DJ booth but may not be as appealing in the living room.


The AT-LP1240 is one of the sexiest decks available out there. It boasts a big sound, user-friendly DJ features, and a robust construction. As such, it is highly recommended if you are just starting out and looking to crack into the DJ game. If you have been in the game for quite some time, it may come off as too much turntable for you, and thus you can consider the AT-LP120 as a better alternative.

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