Club Ready DJ School Review

Considering diving into the world of DJing and seeking a reliable school to guide you through the process? Look no further than Club Ready DJ School.

But before you make any decisions, you’ll want to hear what students have to say about their experiences. From the curriculum to the instructors, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to this school’s offerings.

Are you ready to uncover the insights and reviews that will help you make an informed choice about the best DJ course education?

Overview of Club Ready DJ School

When you enroll in Club Ready DJ School, you gain access to a comprehensive and practical 4-week program that’s designed to elevate your DJ skills from beginner to confident club level.

The DJ Course offers a well-structured curriculum with over 55 videos, bonus cheat sheets, and practical exercises that strengthen foundational and mixing skills. This online course isn’t just about theoretical knowledge but emphasizes practical application and real-world experience. The emphasis on practical experience ensures that you not only learn the technical aspects but also gain confidence in your abilities as a DJ.

Additionally, the money-back guarantee ensures a risk-free learning experience. The course content covers a wide range of topics such as looping, effects, mixing, advanced techniques, harmonic mixing, and even a bonus course on transitioning from a controller to club gear.

Furthermore, the comprehensive FAQ section addresses common inquiries about skill level, equipment needs, genre specialization, and more, making the entire learning process smooth and transparent.

If you desire innovation in your DJ skills and want to elevate your performance, the Club Ready DJ School is the perfect platform for you.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Upon enrolling in Club Ready DJ School, you will find the curriculum structured into a 4-week plan, providing step-by-step guidance for beginners to confident club DJs. The course delves into essential DJ skills weekly, focusing on practical application and real-world experience. With over 55 videos, the curriculum offers a comprehensive learning experience, supplemented with bonus cheat sheets. Specialized topics such as harmonic mixing, energy transitions, and creating killer mixes are covered, ensuring a deep understanding of the art of DJing. Additionally, an extra bonus course on transitioning from controller to club gear is included, equipping you with the knowledge to adapt to different equipment seamlessly. This structured curriculum ensures that you not only grasp the fundamental skills but also gain insight into advanced techniques, setting you on the path to becoming a proficient club DJ.

Key Features
4-week structured curriculumStep-by-step guidance
Over 55 comprehensive videosBonus cheat sheets included
Specialized advanced topicsTransitioning to club gear course

Instructor Insights and Teaching Style

With over 15 years of DJ experience, instructor Andrew Duffield brings a wealth of practical and relevant teachings tailored for aspiring club DJs and beginners. His teaching style at Club Ready DJ School is characterized by a strong emphasis on practical application, ensuring that students not only understand the theoretical aspects but also know how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Duffield’s insights are invaluable for those learning to DJ, as he provides comprehensive guidance on becoming ‘Club Ready’, which includes the nuances of mixing vocal-driven music, mastering different music genres, and the practical skills needed to excel in the industry. Furthermore, his approach fosters a supportive learning environment by encouraging students to engage with the active Club Ready DJ Tribe community for networking and support.

Duffield also offers an opportunity for students to perform live, which is an invaluable experience for honing their skills and gaining exposure. Overall, his teaching style is both comprehensive and practical, providing aspiring DJs with the necessary tools to progress and excel in their chosen genre of music.

Student Reviews and Testimonials

After completing the Club Ready DJ School program, students eagerly share their authentic testimonials, providing firsthand accounts of how the course has enhanced their DJing skills and confidence. These testimonials offer valuable insights into the practical and real-world skills gained from the course, helping potential students make informed decisions about its suitability for their individual learning needs. Here are a few testimonials from students who have completed the program:

TestimonialStudent Name
The online courses play a crucial role in helping me understand how to make my mixes sound better and my DJ gear feel nicer.Sarah W.
Andrew’s teaching has empowered me to take my DJing to the next level, allowing me to confidently play at packed events and explore deeper kinds of house music.Alex M.
The comprehensive approach to understanding different DJ equipment and software has been instrumental in refining my skills and building confidence in my abilities.Jason L.

These testimonials illustrate how the Club Ready DJ School has positively impacted students, equipping them with the skills and confidence to excel in various DJing environments.

Additional Courses and Community Engagement

The Club Ready DJ School not only equips students with essential DJing skills and confidence, but also offers a range of additional courses and community engagement opportunities to further enrich their learning experience.

As a student at Club Ready DJ School, you gain lifetime access to an active Club Ready DJ Tribe community, providing networking opportunities, a platform to share mixes, and a chance to connect with peers. The school also offers a free mini course trial, allowing you to transition to the full Club Ready DJ Course, which includes advanced performance and club packs.

Moreover, specialized courses on branding, marketing, and networking are available, complementing the main DJ curriculum and providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry. The school offers opportunities for students to perform at clubs, providing access to valuable resources and experience from a 20-year industry veteran.

Additionally, the school has additional modules such as ‘Preparing To Play Live,’ ‘Marketing 101,’ and ‘Industry Insights,’ catering to a broader range of DJing skills and interests, making the learning experience fun and engaging. With a focus on community engagement, social media presence, and diverse course offerings, Club Ready DJ School stands out among DJ schools by providing a holistic approach to DJ education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Club Ready DJ Worth It?

Club Ready DJ School offers comprehensive course content, skill development, and practice opportunities. It provides networking benefits, industry connections, and job opportunities. The mentorship program, equipment requirements, and online vs. in-person options justify the course cost.

Who Owns Club Ready DJ School?

The owner of Club Ready DJ School is Andrew Duffield. The school offers a variety of courses to develop your DJ skills and confidence. With Andrew’s industry expertise, the learning experience is valuable and worth the time commitment.

Are DJ Courses Worth It?

DJ courses are worth it for career benefits, skill development, networking opportunities, industry insights, equipment knowledge, performance experience, music theory, genre specialization, and job placement. Consider online vs. in-person options for maximum impact.

How Long Does a DJ Course Take?

A DJ course typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete, offering a structured learning process for skill development. The curriculum includes in-depth instruction, practice sessions, and focuses on hands-on experience to ensure student progress, with a varied course structure and graduation requirements.


In conclusion, Club Ready DJ School offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience for aspiring DJs of all levels.

With a structured curriculum, experienced instructors, and a supportive community, students can gain valuable skills and insights to excel in the art of DJing.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your skills, the school’s comprehensive program and industry connections make it a top choice for anyone passionate about DJing. Thanks for reading our complete Club Ready DJ School review.